Thursday, 1 March 2012

Pizza in Broadstairs a ramble some photos

My wife and I are very partial to a lunchtime pizza this is usually a margarita normal size for me and small for her, tea to drink for me and coke for her, for this I genuinely think the Osteria Posillipo Pizzeria in Broadstairs is the best place to go for this.

The overall cost of this is about £17 and the whole thing can be done inside an hour, important if you have a lot to cram into your day, or only get an hour for lunch.

The strip of picture is at I will go through quickly with any comments I can think of.

The cat who presumably lives close by and seems to want to move in with us is still patrolling the back door, it seldom manages to get in and we have never fed it anything but cats are very strange.

Work is in progress on The Charles Dickens which looks like it is getting a major overhaul.

There is no longer an art shop in Broadstairs, this is very similar to the situation over bookshops, what amazes me is that for years you could only buy quality artists materials in two small shops in Thanet, now one of them has closed and there is a huge range in two shops at Westwood Cross.

I thought that I would perhaps show the picture of the neutering bus visits to the cat.

I did a quick ink sketch while I was waiting for my pizza above, I have noted some of the colours on it so may colour it in later.


  1. We once adopted a stray and after a few weeks its real owner turned up and confiscated it leaving our daughters distraught.

  2. very nice too, hope you and your wife are well - from Yvonne Chapman

  3. Don this one is a perfectly healthy cat, obviously well looked after, that for reasons of its own seems to want move in here. It has been hanging around the back door on and off for a couple of months but obviously goes home to eat and at night.

    Fine thanks Yvonne.


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