Thursday, 10 May 2012

Erotic Art Exhibition at The Turner Contemporary

As I expect most readers will know that the exhibition Turner and the Elements last day is this Sunday and then the upper galleries will be closed until 26th May when the exhibition She Lay Down Beneath the Sea begins.

The exhibition's central theme will be a display of paintings, sketches and watercolours of erotic subjects by Tracey Emin as well as JMW Turner and Auguste Rodin.

I have to say I was a bit shocked by this, frankly there isn’t anything very erotic in anything I have seen by Tracey Emin or Auguste Rodin but Joseph Mallord William Turner is another matter altogether.

I have only seen a very few of his erotic pictures, but the ones I have seen are very erotic, I really don’t think this is the kind of art you would wish your wife or servants to view.

Anyway I have put a modified sketch above for decency’s sake and started a new blog with an adult content warning, for Joe Turners stuff which is pretty hot, see

With Emin’s sketches I find I am reminded of the literary quote “Fainted while diaphragming herself!” and anyone who visited the TC recently and had a close look at the kiss will realise that it didn’t conform with the specification in the commission. 

I may ramble on here.       


  1. Even I couldn't find Tracey Emin erotic.

    1. Peter I believe I could produce a sketch of her that you would although I would probably need to include Turner as well, I don't think the age difference would be a problem either.

  2. Michael I cant see why a wife or servant wouldn't want to see these pictures.We all have the same bits it different shapes or sizes and I very much doubt if most people havent used them is the same way as the pictures will depict, ifn they havent then they may learn something. Eroticism is not a dirty word but beautifull and should be embraced not hidden away that only encourages the dirty mac version of sex.

    1. Morning Don have changed your name to Me?

      I think the point was that they may wish to, but you may want to prevent them from doing so. The paraphrase is from The Chatterley obscenity trial and is part of the reason why your wife and servants can now read unexpurgated English literature.

      All that said there does have to be some dividing lines as to what can be displayed where and Turner’s sketches were in my opinion not suitable for display on this blog that a lot of children read, including my own.

  3. Hi ...

    Rodin was pretty famous for his erotic sketches .. He would show some of his guests all his work and then .. his 'private collection' as he would call it, which consisted of his own pencil drawings of nude women, sometimes in pretty vulgar positions, and colored in with watercolor washes - not as refined as Turner's though. Often partly on display in Musée Rodin.

    Btw .. wife and servants ... what age are you from???


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