Thursday, 19 July 2012

BBC gives Thanet Council a Hammering Over Beach app press release and a bit of a ramble.

As some of you will know I publish the Thanet Press release blog and as well and publish all of the press releases sent to me by the council. The council’s press releases were one of the main reasons I started that blog, particularly because their publication is sporadic on the council’s website and the council’s feeds are unpredictable.

One of their press releases today was about an app the council have produced for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad, here is the link to the press release

Sending press releases to the media can backfire pretty badly, here is the link to the BBC news story it produced

I will ramble on about this later if I get some time, these press releases strike people in different ways and my observation was that the council only produce an app for the very expensive Apple iphone and didn’t do one for the cheaper android phones that I would guess would be more likely to be used by Thanet residents.

I had to go to Canterbury today and had lunch at the Osteria Posillipo opposite the Kings School there, this is the group of restaurants that has one in Broadstairs pizza and a soft drink lunch time special £7 quick excellent and highly recommended.
I did a quick sketch from my table there of the gate to the school, India ink and fast splodges of watercolour, I realised too late that the top of the wall with the gate in it should be sloping down from left to right and not up as I drew it. It’s always too late with India ink and I seem to have a bit of a blind spot over this type of line.   

Strange really the picture should look a lot more wrong than it does, I guess this is mostly down to seeing what one expects to see.

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Has the story changed - nothing particularly negative in that bar the title.