Thursday, 12 July 2012

Council misplace Olympic Torch Route

Thanet district council have produced this leaflet

 Inside is this map, I copied the detail from Simon Moores’s blog and the quality isn’t that good. the pink line is the torch route.

Here is the actual route from the official torch route map on The Olympic Games website, the yellowy brown line is the torch route.

So if you follow the map on the council’s leaflet and line Madeira Walk, Wellington Crescent and The Plains of Waterloo, you won’t actually see the torch.

I wonder what the leaflet cost to produce and how it could have been produced by a council officer who didn’t actually know where King Street and Harbour Street in Ramsgate actually are.    


  1. Michael why ask this is Thanet and TDC are inept in all areas

  2. The council`s route is much better. King Street is a bit of an eye-sore.

  3. The only Olympic event in ramsgate and they get it wrong. Sack them.

  4. Obviously the TDC map was produced for them by the Isle of Thanet Gazette who recently claimed that the refurbished Charles Dickens pub was The Old Charles which is several miles distant.

  5. Ugh. Why are we not surprised ?

  6. Most people at TDC don't know where Ramsgate is.

    1. Peter, I too get this impression. The trouble is that none of them has the gumption to find out.

  7. For the benefit of the TDC officer responsible, Ramsgate & Margate can be found at the following location: 30degs 51'.39" S 30degs 21' 29.95" E. Well lets not quibble, it's close enough. Is it time to go home yet. It must be gone four.

  8. What about St. Lawrence the oldest and original part of Ramsgate where the 'Torch' Was advertised as going?. Instead it diverted at Nethercourt Circus and went along London Road. Perhaps there are more wealthy people there or officials.


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