Sunday, 15 July 2012

Boats, Windfarm Boats at Ramsgate Harbour, The Boat Project at Margate Harbour Arm, pictures and some rambling text.

I think quite a few of the pictures are not pictures of boats, I took about 200 today and like you I will see them when I have published them online.
I went for a short walk this morning, up to The Granville on Ramsgate Eastcliff as I wanted to try and take a picture for the cover of a new book that I will be publishing about the Granville. Then down Augusta Stairs and along the Great Wall of Ramsgate, which has to be the most diverse free art gallery in Kent and probably the only art gallery in the world that is always open. Here is the link to the page with the pictures on it

This was followed by a walk up Ramsgate’s East Pier which forms the eastern wall of Ramsgate Harbour and was mostly built in the 1780s.
There was nothing like the quantity of wind farm boats in the harbour that there were on Thursday evening but still quite a few, including one with what I take to be an underwater caterpillar vehicle. The pictures are here

Then on to Gerry O’Donnell’s new café, which is now open for business, Gerry wasn’t there but I took some pictures, here they are

After this I took the dingy to Ramsgate Western Undercliff where the youf of today inserted it into the sea and went off to enjoy some sailing.

On to Margate to look at Collective Spirit a very impressive sailing yacht which looks quite fast to me. Here is the link to the page with the pictures on it

I will add a bit more to this post if I get time


Anonymous said...

Did you get the picture you wanted of the Granville?

Michael Child said...

nope not really but I now think I know which camera to try.

Anonymous said...

Looks like what you need is to take 2 side by side photographs and get a program such as Panorama Maker to stitch them together.