Saturday, 21 July 2012

Ramsgate Carnival Tomorrow, Sunday 22nd July 2012

 A timely reminder here and some photos from previous years.

The parade will set off from the Government Acre at 4pm with judging before from 2pm. Route of the carnival is The Royal Esplanade: Paragon: Royal Parade: Harbour Parade: Madeira Walk: Wellington Crescent: Plains of Waterloo: King Street: Queen Street: Westcliff Road: Grange Road: The Royal Esplanade

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Anonymous said...

Where was 'The Van Gogh' bar/cafe?

Michael Child said...

Still there 10.30 the names have changed over the years,Isabella Baths, Paragon Hotel, Van Gogh Pub, Steptoe's ,Churchill Tavern, now. There may have been more but you get the gist.

Anonymous said...

It's now called 'Churchill's'

Anonymous said...

When I used to go there in the 70's the bands used to play downstairs. If you go into Churchill's at the entrance facing the sea, there would have been a doorway to the right and at the bottom of the stairs ... DJ in a booth, to the left, bar straight ahead and stage far left. Lots of great memories there, usually watching a band called 'Gizmo'!

Michael Child said...

1.36 I think you will find Juicy Lucy are playing there from now 5.30 this evening and since they were formed in 1969, things may have not changed as significantly as one would expect.