Thursday, 13 June 2013

Dornier 17 in Ramsgate Harbour pictures and a day off ramble

 Not fantastic pictures but I assumed that people would want to know what you can see of the plane, both looking down from the westcliff and from the western harbour wall, these was taken using 200mm lens on a slr digital camera, so the pictures show bout what you would see using ordinary binoculars. 

 The pictures will probably enlarge if clicked on.

I did start doing a sketch, but a car parked in front of me obscuring the view, so what you get is up to that point in time.
The Cafe, not sure what it is called, is a useful find £1.10 for a cup of tea and a very good view.
you can see the waitress clearing away my tea, I may ramble on here
as you see filming disruption in the harbour from the weekend.


  1. On the TDC notice, shouldn't it be "Affected" rather than "Effected"?

    1. Not really sure James, this is an aspect of English grammar I don’t really understand, the rule of thumb I use is affected relates to something that is already there and effected something that is going to be there.

      As the harbour is already there but the film crew will be, I guess I would have gone with effected.

    2. I would have thought the harbour users were going to be affected.
      Is the camera crew looking for the missing millions ?

    3. The OED definition of 'effect' is the role or consequence of an action.

      In his book 'The Complete Plain Words' Sir Ernest Gowers has this to say about the word 'Affect'

      ---This word has won an undeserved popularity because it is colourless – a word of broad meaning that saves the writer the trouble of thought. It a useful word in its place, but not when used from laziness. It may easier to say 'The progress of the building has been affected by the weather ' but it is better to use a more precise word – hindered, perhaps, or delayed or stopped. Elsewhere, affected may be better replaced by changed.---

      I suggest that the the sign writer is correct.

      Michael will get you a copy of the book.

    4. Ignored. Definition?

  2. The area will be affected, we can only guess what the effect might be.

  3. So, who's filming? It's not Lee Mack again, is it? With Ramsgate doing its "Eastbourne" impression again?

  4. Totally of point, but TESCO get go ahead from Eric Pickles for Arlington site!!! About time