Thursday, 1 August 2013

Stamp on the toe for being so slow.

Here are last months referral stats 
 I am sitting in the garden watching the clouds, frankly it's a bit too hot for me today.

A large and rather hairy caterpillar, the pound coin is for scale

 and some other bug both at WC today while the fairer sex were shopping or dropping.

the blog stats since October 2007 when I started have passed the million page views mark during the last month and from the amount of spam comment I would say it is becoming a victim of its own success.   

There is also a certain amount of comment now that I can only describe as cyber bullying and although I delete it as soon as I see it, is is unpleasant and takes a lot of the fun out of blogging.


  1. Manston Green in the Gazette - yet another 800 houses and road development - near Tesco Manston. Does Thanet need it? And what happened to the 30K(?) houses around WC?

  2. Can't understand the Fire Brigade trying to demolish the Ramsgate pool to build a new fire station? And only 2 fire engines with one for volunteers. Waste of tax - we need the pool refurbed and back open with Poole's pool on the seafront.

  3. With Sandys correctly declariing Southern Water unfit for purpose we need reform of TDC and these quangos.

  4. The second bug is the larvae of a Vapourer moth...apparently a very common moth nothing of any great destinction despite its exotic looking antecedent. And how do I know all this, well one dropped out of a tree the other day onto the Memsahibs head thus provoking an enquiry.
    Keep up the good work.


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