Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Mice close the 99p shop in Ramsgate and a ramble about shops, blogs the internet and so on.

The 99p shop in the old Woolworths building in Ramsgate has been closed by TDC’s environmental health bods due to mice. Perhaps they need to contact the council’s pest control department http://thanet.gov.uk/your-services/environmental-health/pest-control/pest-control/
This is what it says on the door, click to expand.

There is a lot of activity on the Ramsgate shop front at the moment I have just been down the town and taken some pictures and will add to this post as I get the time today.
The next one is Celandine Hall the indoor market in Harbour Street which is closing down.

Harbour Street seems to be having a bit of a bad time lately, I think the main thing that used to keep it lively was the indoor market where the Smith and Jones pub is now, maybe a case of choosing a lively street and taking over the business that made it lively.

The next one is the one that used to be the jewelers, there is a rumour that The Ramsgate Society may be going to take this one over.
  I wonder what the liability would be to members if this didn't work out financially.
The next one is the one that was The British Heart Foundation, I don’t know why this one has been empty for so long with no board on it, perhaps something to do with the charity.

In many ways it would be helpful if charity shops displayed the revenue that the shop generated for the charity, I would guess there are some large differences between individual shops and when donating to them I would like to know that the charity was benefiting significantly.

Next Mog’s which is in the process of being done up since Mog’s moved out.

And the good news is that Mog’s are moving to the tanning shop that closed in King Street.   
There is a rumour on Facebook that Wilkinsons in Ramsgate is closing and that Tesco intend to move back to the site.

Mind you if you look on the internet you can find that my bookshop, which has actually been on the same site in Ramsgate since 1987, has done all sorts of things that it hasn’t actually done, moved, closed etc.  
Onto the internet and the blogs, I notice Cllr Dave Green’s twitter account has been hacked, which does rather beg the question of negative advertising, I mean would you buy anything from a hacker, sent them your payment details perhaps.

With this blog I am going to have a tentative go a turning anonymous comments back on, although only when I can easily manage the unsuitable comment. 

I don’t really know what the solution with comment is, certainly the comment from the people with the various internet identities wasn’t much better than the anonymous comment and I am chalking the last two months of not allowing anonymous comment down to experience.

In many cases the whole business of comment leaves one with a “there but for the grace”  feeling, a sort of sad surprise that so many people have issues when it comes to adding things to the internet. 

The issue of yesterdays error may need some explanation, what seems to have happened is that the council sent out letters saying that today was the last day to comment on the Granville planning application and then they extended the date.  

I suppose the main item of local news today is Ann Barnes has appointed a Thanet resident as the new youth commissioner.

"On Tuesday, 4 March 2014, 11:19, Ann Barnes: Kent Police & Crime Commissioner <office@annbarneskentpcc.co.uk> wrote:

New Youth Commissioner appointed
Kerry Boyd, from Margate, has been appointed as the new Youth Commissioner.

Kerry, aged 19, will start part-time as of the 5th March 2014, taking up the role full-time as of the beginning of April.

The new Youth Commissioner will be taking a gap year from her degree in Education Studies and Business Studies to commence the role.

In her spare time she is an active runner and a keen supporter of Chelsea FC. She also enjoys driving, music and was a London 2012 Olympic Torchbearer.

The role will be a vital link between policing and young people with the job involving educating and deterring young people from committing crime, and promoting keeping safe online.

Kerry will also work with Primary and Secondary Schools, as well as Colleges and Universities to deliver educational packages on wider issues such as knife crime, drugs, how to stay safe, as well as finding out policing priorities.

Talking about her new role, Kerry Boyd said: ‘I’m very pleased indeed that I’ve got the job - it was a role that was calling out to me. For me this is about giving young people a voice in society and finding out what the younger generation want from the police and wider agencies. Like the Commissioner I will always be out and about in local communities. ’

Ann Barnes, Kent Police and Crime Commissioner, said: ‘Kerry really stood out for me as a strong minded young lady who has a hunger to make a difference. I’m confident that Kerry has lots of exciting ideas to make sure that young people are involved in future policing. I’d like to congratulate Kerry on securing the role and look forward to working with her.’ 
Find out more here: http://kent-pcc.gov.uk/youthcommissioner " 


  1. Thankyou for the enrichment your service provides Michael.
    (various internet identity from Ramsgate)

  2. should it not be wilkinsons not morrisons that are moving and tesco going home in york street

    1. Thanks anon I have changed it.

    2. this was debated on FB and the consensus was Wilko is expanding and they had to deal with Tesco as they hold the head lease not that one was moving out and the other moving in. Time will tell

    3. It was good to see a structure coming together at tonight's Neighbourhood Planning meeting Barry. And I was getting on well with a lady there as you would have noticed, so I will enjoy the social aspect.

      I know we have our pet reasons for being there, but it does seem odd that no-one ever seems to mention The Old Gas Works at Boundary Road and the Old Flour Mill nearby in relation to land use? Maybe someone will?

    4. Has everyone had their cocoa and gone to bed already?

  3. Anonymous comments back? A mistake I think Michael!

  4. Another Kent 99p shop with mice in the news this week.

  5. Oh no, not the return of the anonymous! Here we go again.

  6. Indeed, here we go again. A single anonymous post appears and Holyer starts moaning.

    1. We are not doing very well here 6.08pm. Readers must be waiting for their carers to get them up or something? But I have to leave for work by in about 4 hours, so I need to get the Plan sorted for the Eastcliff Ward before then.....

    2. RAMSGATE FOOTBALL CLUB (Southwood Road)
      There was an idea floated last night about moving the club (out to Manston Perhaps?) and releasing the vacated land for development.
      My idea for here. While pollution has to be cleaned up, and I guess you would need to go pretty deep there in places creating a nice big hole, then we could put ground source heating in to provide cheap heating for whatever goes there and the surrounding area? And my ideas for the site include:-
      MINI MENTAL HEALTH ASSESSMENT AND TREATMENT CENTRE (with emergency accommodation and rehabilitation cafe attached)
      And of course we would need quite dense planting between each area

    3. Solo,

      These are both sensible proposals. How much of the investment would come from the public purse?

      I would like to see the attractive Gasworks building retained and refurbished. We should also ensure the clock is not purloined.

    4. John

      I think the gasworks building and perimeter wall are attractive features and could be enhanced with archway openings.

      And there are exact figures for providing complex services, and agencies are always looking for ways to deliver services closer to home. This would provide easier access to employment for local people as well and start to build up skills.
      And as you are doubtless aware, bonafide developers are generally keen to associate themselves with socially useful schemes. So I guess with a plan that involves everybody we are in a win win situation (sorry about the jargon!).

    5. It's like Groundhog Day. When Steve Ladyman was MP he was promoting a plan to move the football club out of Southwood and to build housing on the football ground. I think Ladyman's plan also involved the ludicrous notion that Margate and Ramsgate football clubs would merge (presumably to be called Ramargate or Thanet United). As I recall the Ladyman plan failed to materialise after residents of Southwood got up in arms about the proposal and the Fire Brigade refused to endorse the plans due to poor access. However, what really disgusted people was the the land at Southwood had been donated to the people of Ramsgate by a benefactor (Rose Weighall, if my memory serves me correctly). However, the covenant on the land had been given to TDC for safe-keeping and they had lost it in an unfortunate fire. We were never told if Jimmy Godden had been visiting the council offices at the time.

    6. funny the remark was made as an example of how Neighbourhood planning would work IF Ramsgate found a way to move not WHEN they move. It was never intended as a prophecy.

      The same might apply to the gasworks however if planny permission has already been granted on the site then that brownfield site wouldn't fall into the remit of NP.

  7. I think the site should be an indoor climbing operation. With suites for reiki healing and Zen meditation. A small ice rink. A Youth Offender scheme. Surgeries for cllrs. A feature clock. An indoor market for outdoor farmers. Artists studios. Poetry and Drama workshops. Basic courses in sociology. Laughter as therapy workshops associated with wine tasting.

    1. Surgeries for cllrs? Are they really that unhealthy?

  8. With regards to Harbour Street, I feel its problem is that it is neither "one nor the other" as in, it isn't quite prime retail in the same way as High St, King St & Queen St but then neither is it at the harbour where the cafes are flourishing. It seems to be a method of getting from one to the other. There is nothing to stop people putting their heads down and walking straight through it.


  10. gas works office how about ramsgate history centre no problem parking at the back

  11. Lots of Ramsgate shops seem to be closing or certainly not reopening eg the Jazz Rooms and the Amusement Arcade on the harbour. The carpet shop near Michael. The supermarket on Queen St and so on. And the Port of course. 20% decline since WC?

    It's very boring this blog when Anon comment isn't allowed.

    Why isn't there a tax strike to force our councillors to do something or resign? We don't have to pay for them. We certainly don't need tax increases for the disaster they've brought on the towns.


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