Friday, 28 March 2014

Friday ramble

I am trying to get back to sorting out my book on the Ramsgate fishing smacks and popped into the sailors church in Ramsgate to try and get some reasonable photos of the pictures of them in the church.

As you see usually operated by two men or two men and a boy, with much of the hauling done with a steam winch, hard work but rewarding.

Market day today, which is Ramsgate’s busiest shopping day, I had a fairly busy day in my bookshop not helped by having the rubbish and recycling collection.

As you see from the picture, which was taken after the rubbish had been collected, the pedestrian route from the centre of the town to my shop isn’t easy.
A sign of windfarm relocation 
in this case relocated to Mostyn Flintshire

I don't think secondhand booksellers although scarce are an endangered species like red-throated divers. Oddly enough you see a lot of red-throated divers in Ramsgate Harbour.

RAW 42 from Hazeleigh Prebble on Vimeo.

On to the business of the council destroying Little Oasis Crazy Skate in Cliftonville words fail me at the moment.

Here is their facebook page I supose now the council have destroyed it there isn't much that can be done.

On the health and safety front if you expand the picture below you will notice a basket attached to a small crane
 on the left of the picture, getting into Ramsgate harbour under sail requires similar judgment to skateboarding 
in cases of misjudgment the smack, smacks into the harbour wall the basket was for fishing out any survivors.    

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