Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Children’s books in the bookshop and easy piano and guitar for the school holidays.

The children’s book section in my bookshop is now expanded as far as it will go at the moment, about 70 shelves when you include collectable children’s books, which are not shown in the pictures.

The next stage is to sort out the children’s non-fiction and put up some new pictures in this part of the bookshop.

It should be pointed out here that children also buy books that were intended for adults, if say you develop a serious interest in shipping or aeroplanes at the age of nine or ten you don’t really have many other options.

Most of the information in children’s books or on the internet only gets you so far which isn’t far enough.

Some adults and children collect books in the way that people collect stamps and coins and this is another part of the book game that can be played with very little money, as most serious book collectors deal in books to finance their book collecting.

In the simplest terms, if you collect Beano Annuals then you know the system for other annals so you may finance an expensive Beano by finding a cheap Rupert ant the boot fair or in the charity shop.

On the music front we were inspired by Star Trek to transcribing Row Row Row Your Boat, and this meant we had to put coloured stickers on our guitars along a whole octave of fretboard.  

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