Friday, 8 August 2014

Manston Airport owner Ann Gloag Talks about why she closed the airport.

Here is the link to the article I will endeavour to add to this post if I get time.
Sorry about this I am very busy today, market day in Ramsgate, so lots of customers in my bookshop, school holidays, plenty to do with the children when I am not in the shop.

I guess “We believe it is now time to focus on the future and work collectively to ensure potential job creation opportunities are maximised for the future of Thanet and East Kent.

We have had a number of credible approaches from legitimate parties interested in being part of the future of Manston and we are currently reviewing these.” Sounds fairly encouraging. 


  1. "We have had a number of credible approaches from legitimate parties interested in being part of the future of Manston and we are currently reviewing these.” Sounds fairly encouraging. Well Maybe to you Michael, but to me it sounds nebulous.

    1. What is the future for Manston? If parties, legitimate or otherwise, want to be part of the future then surely they have some idea of what that might be.

    2. The future will be, as predicted in Thanet economic plan to 2030, growth largely based on construction.

    3. Construction of what. Does the plan say, or is it drafted in vague/general terms? Where can one see this plan, is it available to all?

    4. Is this the document to which you refer Anon 7:34 am? I note that the Foreword is by the former leader. Is the document any less valid now that we have a new leader?

      A quick scan searching for the word Manston finds it mentioned at least 10 times. A search for "construction" finds the word only once. A clarification would be appreciated.

    5. SEMBOB I am sure that with a change of leadership every council document containing content by a previous leader would immediately become invalid, rendering the council completely inoperative.

    6. Might not be a bad idea Michael. The pedant in me says that with a change of leader the foreword should at least be written or re-written/endorsed by the new incumbent but perhaps there is so much to be looked at that it is not a practical proposition.


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