Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Space Unicorn in two easy lessons for guitar and piano plus one really hard lesson.

So here is the music for Space Unicorn, look at coloured notes.

Here is a guitar, look at the coloured stickers.

Here is an old keyboard, look at the coloured stickers.

Here is an expensive piano, look at the piece of paper with the coloured dots on it is not stuck to the piano and hasn’t marked it in any way, adults use this piano and could get a bit difficult about it getting marks on it. Grownups know where all the notes are and so the don't need any coloured stickers, the long strip of paper works on church organs too.

Ok the colours on the notes, frets and keys are the same colour for each note so you should be able to play it, don’t worry about the timing too much as if you sing along it will sort of sort itself out.

I have put up another big picture in the children’s book section of my bookshop it's from another photo I took with my mobile phone in The Beaney in Canterbury. Oh and the really hard lesson will be when we take off the coloured stickers. 

Click on this link http://thanetonline.blogspot.co.uk/search/label/music for more easy music lessons that you can do without help from grownups.

The lessons have been tested by my children, so we know they work properly and you won’t waste lots of time on something that doesn’t work.

One last thing, you will find that the copying out and colouring in of the music and the stickers will help you to remember where the notes are, which will make it easier to play the music.

In the unlikely event that there are any children who don’t know how Space Unicorn goes, it is on youtube.    


  1. i like this tutorial. i especially like how it is emphasised that the expensive piano is not marked in any way. i wish all sheet music was written out like this. it makes it sooo easy to read.

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  3. oh, and i know the sheet music is written for a child but the whole thing is slightly off key, the first note should be "F#" not "E". to play it in the same key Parry Gripp sung it in, every note should be 2 higher than the one shown.

  4. Cshep the problem here is sharps and flats, which is why we transposed itso all of the notes have colours, enabling children to play them.


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