Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Pleasurama Royal Sands latest cliff survey report.

I guess this is still a work in progress for me, anyway here is the link https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B0erQxRYd9_rX2VWbEgyaGFvalE/view?usp=sharing

I think the most interesting part of the report relates to the foundations of the portal part of the façade (the bit up the lift end) I will explain this as best I can.

It seems instead on the council getting an independent firm of civil engineers to look at the cliff façade, they have used a partnership of Kent council engineers including their own, who signed off the £900k repair contract that subsequently proved to be not so good.

So doing my best to translate this bit of embarrassed engineerese, it goes something like this.

We did a survey in 2012 and recommended lots of work being done immediately, none of this work was done we also recommend regular surveys and as we are doing another one and nothing has actually happened as a result of the first one, here we go again.  

The contractor exposed the foundations shown on the plans and found they didn’t exist, the tons of concrete seem to be hanging on grooves cut in the chalk cliff, since we haven’t spotted any cracks that look like the whole thing is moving and we have already signed it off as ok before, we recommend covering up where the foundations should be and trying to forget about it.

I would appreciate if anyone else could read the report and let me know if they come up with a different translation as obviously I have got the time consuming and boring job of going through the same old stuff with the council to try and get a reasonably safe outcome.   

The other stuff on the cliff façade is here http://www.thanetonline.com/cliff/ use the links along the top of the pages to navigate from one document to another.      


  1. Well done Michael and the public's lives are being endangered again with a clifftop collapse. Presumably as with
    the Motor Museum roof/pavement? Or any of the cliffs?

    Who should be sacked in your opinion?

    As you point out the public can't keep paying for KCC/TDC and nothing happening and the doing it ourselves?

  2. Completely offtopic but funny: Farage's 500 and Mackinlay's local comment at the end hahaha:


  3. Nail on the head there anon at 11.19, who do you sack to make the cliff safer? The internet seems to thing St Anthony is the patron saint of gravity, he’s first up against the crypt, come the revolution. Op at council I think the main man is Mark Seed but unfortunately he is just resigned.

    12.35 thanks for that, especially on the streets.

  4. Who have you been writing to about the cliffs Michael?

    Sacking St Anthony is just silly.Or perhaps constantly griping is your aim?

    Mark Seed has resigned you say? Why is that? They're dropping like flies at TDC.

  5. The collapse of TDC seems to have been accomplished with our councillors and MP's remaining completely silent on the corruption.

    Why so many resignations after corruption investigations?


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