Thursday, 22 January 2015

Waste wood processing and concrete block manufacturing plant at the Port of Ramsgate petition, stall in Ramsgate on Friday and Saturday and a ramble

If  you are in Ramsgate tomorrow, market day, or saturday you may wish to look out for the stall in the middle of the town and sign this petition.

Here is the petition wording

We, the undersigned, register our opposition to the proposals put
forward by the O’Regan Group to construct a waste wood processing and
concrete block manufacturing plant at the Port of Ramsgate, Kent. We
oppose the plans put forward by the O’Regan Group at the public
meeting on 15 January 2015 for the following reasons:

 The development will be situated next to Ramsgate Harbour, the only
royal harbour in the UK and will have an adverse impact on businesses
already operating within the harbour and marina.

 The development will be located within close proximity of densely
populated business and residential areas, negatively impacting the
health of residents and blighting Ramsgate’s regeneration through an
increase in noise/air pollution and increased traffic congestion.

 It is already of great concern to the local community and regulatory
stakeholders, including Natural England, that the development will be
in close proximity to the Thanet Coastal Site of Special Scientific
Interest (SSSI), the Thanet European Special Area of Conservation
(SAC), the Thanet Coast and Sandwich Bay RAMSAR site and the
Thanet Coast and Sandwich Bay Special Protection Area (SPA).

We, the undersigned, call for Thanet District Council and any relevant
planning authorities not to consider permission for this development, on
the grounds as stated on the front, until Thanet District Council and/or
the O'Regan Group (whichever appropriate) undertake and publish the
results of a full Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) for the
development and any ancillary operations ahead of further public

We went to Birchington and Westgate today and bought some books for my bookshop, see a busman’s holiday if you like.

Then on the way back to Ramsgate we had lunch at the Spitfire and Hurricane Museum café good value, a good meal and a view across the remains of the airport
I mused over the probable changes to the view over the next few years and bought a few books in the museum.  

I may ramble on here some more.


  1. Just tweeted it and will facebook it as well

  2. 250 signatures on our 1st day in Ramsgate Town Centre. See you all tomorrow

  3. I was wondering what they were going to do with all the thousands of tons of concrete from Manston's runways, taxiways and hard standings: could it be that it will be crushed, graded and washed at Ramsgate Port?

  4. 5:42 probably left derelict or dumped at the Hoverport again


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