Monday, 19 January 2015

New plans for The Royal Victoria Pavillion in Ramsgate published

As always they are on the council’s planning website the planning reference is L/TH/14/1171 this wonderful council facility doesn’t let you make links to documents published there, they work for an hour or so and then you have to search the documents again. I assume this is designed to waste everyone’s time and our money.

I have published the main drawing here

My take on this was to do what I could to get the building as a public leisure venue and now, having failed to do this, support the new compromise of turning most of it into a massive pub.

The snag in the planning application seems to be highlighted in the picture above, inasmuch as there isn’t a flood risk assessment in the planning application.  

My concern is that when we get a tidal surge like the one in the picture and waves like the ones in the video below the sea gets into the Pavillion


  1. I think it's a national planning database and as with all things government based designed for as difficult use as possible.I doubt the interior will be returned to its original even though it should have been by its previous occupants TDC never police this stuff.

  2. TDC seem to have held a fake consultation and then given the site to Wetherspoons?

    A massive pub is of no use to Ramsgate and will reduce trade for the existing ones and encourage rowdiness etc.

    As always the worst of all possible choices by TDC abd not dissilimar to the shambles of Pleasurama.

    Why have Rank/TC not protected the listed interior?

    Who's in charge of this at TDC/RTC? let's hope the election gets rid of them.

  3. Don I think it's a private company which a few councils use

  4. Anon at 4.53 there was never a listed interior to protect, a major fire and various interior refits means the original 1904 interior went in the 1920s and after that the 1920s interior was replaced several times before the existence of TDC or Rank acquired the lease.

  5. You seem to be nitpicking Michael - the whole building was listed subsequent to 1920. So much so, that Rank/TDC had very specific points on the interior to maintain etc.

    Which of course they haven't (and also the exterior beyond a quick paint job c. 5 years ago).

    And now what seems a hasty and rigged disposal to cover up and ignore the problems.

    Or are you saying that's acceptable and TDC/Rank have provided excellent protection/maintenance of the building as a town asset?

    Your views on another big pub would be interesting too.

  6. On the issue of it being a pub, from anon. If you have been to a Wetherspoons before, you will see how they have restored oter heritage sites in a considerate manner. As for the rowdy pubgoers, you will rarely see this at a Spoons, they are very quick to bar trouble makers and stop serving anyone getting too drunk, unlike most other pubs.

    I think this will be good for Ramsgate, it is a perfect location on the beach and will tidy tht area up, it should bring more visitors to the area who like the thought of a day on the beach followed by a reasonably priced meal.

    It may even benefit the other pubs as it will bring in more people to the area.

    No I dont work for them, but I have seen what they have done in Folkestone and in Whitstable to be confident they will do a good job on the Pavillion.

  7. The Pav was listed in 1974 when the interior was 1970s and built like as mixture of a breeze block internal building and stage sets, at that time it was The Showbar, a big pub 1.48.

    In 1903 it had a glazed and leaded roof, ostensibly in the style of a Robert Adam orangery. Horizontally rusticated ground floor, with polygonal pavillions to left and to right with fluted Doric columned arcading and projecting entrances to left with a Dome. Continuous cast iron balustrade to 1st floor; recessed central roof, curved with a top cornice, as if a giant conservatory. Rear (seaward) elevation with covered arcade on iron posts. This is what I would like them to base the new pub on

  8. You seem a Pollyanna if not Mr Wetherspoons at 5:38.

    They restore listed buildings for pubs? Yeah right.

    Big pubs attract drunks and troublemakers whether Wetherspoons or anyone else - imagine the fights on the seafront at chucking out time?

    Certainly the chip shop and Belgian bar would lose trade and with discounted prices as supermarkets do swiftly other pubs will lose out

    Attract more visitors? With drunks on the beach and throwing up and chucking glasses everywhere?

    The worst seafront idea since Pleasurama or the slipways pub.

  9. What is a horizontally rusticated floor Michael?


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