Monday, 12 January 2015

Public meeting about the industrial facility proposed at port Ramsgate 7pm tonight at Chatham House School Ramsgate and Manston Airport cpo update.

Here is the gist of the first one Aggregate Import by vessel and cleaning.
Cleaning of port dredging material. Use of material to make concrete blocks for construction for despatch by road and vessel. Waste Wood Importation by road for processing for despatch by vessel.

The rumour is that this plan has been put together by two ex TDC planning officers, so no doubt it will go sailing through all the hoops at TDC.

My assumption here is slag heaps and outfall pipe, noise, dust and bathing water pollution.

I have no doubt that this will involve a Save Our Port campaign while carefully omitting the information that the council will be supporting saving a port that you can’t get a passenger ferry from.

Now my take is that Ramsgate is doing quite nicely without council help, the shopping centre is reviving, mainly because it is adjacent to an open air car park that shoppers feel comfortable about parking in. The café culture is expanding nicely too.

On to the Manston one More of the confidential documents released, links on this site

Obviously being in business myself I can read a balance sheet up to a point and at first glance suggests that RiverOak just didn’t have the money in place. The most they seemed to have which included the promise of a bank loan was less than £2m.

The nearest I can come to this is the customer in my bookshop who wants to buy a £30 book but only has 50p, but perhaps I am missing something here and someone with a better understanding of accounting will put me right. I don’t think the argument that they wanted to buy a £7 book but only had £2 will be sufficient. 


  1. It is true that Riveroak wanted the £30 book and only had 50p to offer. But the great and the good were expected to trust them to come up with the rest. After all, they had made a promise to pay all of the cost. Initially, it was just a small boy in a pickle costume who pointed out that Riveroak didn't have the money. But soon, the masses realised that they had been duped into a sort of collective blindness. Gradually, they all began to see that the deal didn't make sense. Now we can see the documents and it is there in black and white for all to see. Iris, Gale, SMA; they were all trying to dupe us.

  2. I think the port industrial use idea sounds great. It has the ring of Thanet beginning to wake up and smell the coffee.

    Manston mixed use development. Again an example of grasping reality and moving forward. I would hope the housing developers pay TDC a grant for off site social housing so they ward off the legitimate fear of building a sink estate, to attract families who are an asset to the area.

    I detect already the NIMBY hypocrite philosophy. The sort of person who shouts down any mention of the facts about aquifer contamination. the time remediation will take (decades yet) at Thor and the Sericol problem existing for foreseeable future.

    The very same people who promote denial of the aquifer problems change high horses to oppose new industrial development because it might be dusty.


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