Sunday, 8 March 2015

A couple of Canterbury sketches and a ramble.

Lunch in Brunch today, very useful one this if you are in the middle of Canterbury, laid back atmosphere.

Anyway here is the sketch of the bank opposite, go to a medieval town and sketch a Victorian building I know, but there it was.

The view from the window.

Menu, wifi, good place to recover from Canterbury.

I did sit on a bench in the cathedral grounds and sketch a bit of cathedral, it is very difficult, if not impossible to get the right distance from the cathedral, with the light behind you to sketch it.

As no local blog post is complete without some reference to Manston Airport, here is today’s rumour: which is something along the lines of Cllr Dave G told Cllr John W that acting chief executive Madeline H would put TDC into special measures if any administration decided to go with the RiverOak cpo.

Cllr John W, now says he is prepared to take a lie detector test, are lie detector tests available for local politicians? It would seem unlikely.  

Can the chief exec put the council into special measures? I don’t think so I think this only happens if a council fails to process a run of significant planning applications. Could the elected administration force the officers to proceed with a cpo partner that had failed to pass the council’s financial tests? I think this falls in the bracket of could an elected administration force a council to anything outside of the rules governing councils and is probably not.    


  1. Manston has turned into a farce I cannot understand why we are still talking about it.

  2. Sorry its been awhile since I last commented but I have tried to keep your blog free from the acrimonious debate of Manston! My understanding is the CEO of TDC has a duty to protect the council from making decisions that would bankrupt it. I maybe wrong, but ultimately doesn't the financial buck stop with her? Isn't she one of the 6 people who would face jail time if it all goes pete tong?


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