Saturday, 28 March 2015

A few pen and ink sketches of Broadstairs today.

I have to admit to skiving off from my bookshop today and letting the other people who work there get on with it.

The main objective being to finish off the sketch I started on Thursday.

Here it is, unfortunately no people on the beach as it was too windy, so I will probably go back and add some.

The next two sketches are from the new Costa Coffee which has an upstairs, eliminating the problem of someone parking in front of the window while I am trying to sketch.

Both of these are drawings are looking down Albion Street at the Albion Hotel, Posillipo Italian Restaurant, Prezzo Restaurant and so on, I may go back and colour it in.

Here is a photo for the art critics.

I did buy a reasonable local book for my bookshop which more than paid for lunch and the bus fair £2.30 it would have been cheaper to drive, which is stupid, anyway the book Memorials of the Goodwin Sands, here is the link to some sample pages.


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