Thursday, 26 March 2015

Ramsgate Lifeboat up to 1874, The Tartar Frigate in Broadstairs a pen and ink sketch of Broadstairs, a seagull turns into a dog and a ramble.

Using the very narrow time slot between when it stopped raining at about 12.30 and when my children come out of school at 3.30 I ventured out to Broadstairs today lunch at the Tartar Friggate

The sun came out shining straight into my eyes which rather stopped play, I may go back and try to finish it off.

Since I have started looking out for cold food at lunchtime that I can eat while sketching I am becoming a bit of a connoisseur of the ploughman and this was one the better ones I have encountered.  

For the discerning art critics here is a picture of the view, note the seagull has the shadow of a dog, leading me to believe that it may have been a dark angel projecting a hell hound.  

I bought a few books in Broadstairs, the star buy being Storm Warriors or lifeboat Work on the Goodwin Sands by John Gilmore, click on the link to read some sample pages or click on this link to buy the reprint of this book that I publish

This is one of the star reads among Ramsgate books and comes strongly recommended.
 Not really sure if this a first edition as I haven’t looked it up in Biblioteca Cantina yet, but I think 1874 is pretty early for this book.

Log of a Sky pilot is a Deal book, see with a bit of Victorian religious sentimentality which doesn’t really detract from the invigorating read.

The rest of the books were a bit pedestrian in comparison.

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