Friday, 12 August 2016

Going out watercolour painting or En plein air, equipment management.

I go out painting several times a week, I am not particularly interested in fancy techniques and am much more interested in recording the places and people I see.

If you click on my Facebook profile you can see what I paint, but this post isn’t about that, it’s about carrying all the equipment with you for a day out painting, sitting on benches, low walls or at café tables, being able to post what you are up to on the web, without getting flustered and without having loads of bags and boxes.   

 Everything, all the equipment I use goes into a this item of clothing which has a large poachers pocket at the back that holds up to an A3 sketchbook.

 This is the contents of its pockets, my artistic take is that until I can paint what I see, so you can say that's Canterbury Cathedral or JWM Turner without me telling you what or who I set out to paint, there isn't much point in my painting the deep and meaningless stuff inside my mind.
 This is for if it rains hard, I sometimes carry a fold up umbrella
 The only thing not in the photos is my smart phone as i used the camera in it ti take the photos, I do carry a spare charged battery for it
 and clip on lenses for it so I can take wide angle shots of the view I tried to paint
 Blow up cushion, you may have to sit on a damp stone wall for over an hour
 Tablet to post what you are doing to social media
 Bamboo brush roll cut down to fit into side pocket
 I don't skimp on brushes and usually use Winsor and Newton Series 7
 any paintbox will do, I buy watercolour in tubes and top up as I need to
 this one has a water pot and water bottle

 I use a cheap A4 sketchpad
 you don't need to stretch paper as everything flattens out because of leaning on the pad in the back pocket as you see I now need to go to A3
 I write my name in the pad as this is the thing I tend to leave behind
 the problem with the A3 pads is that they are often fat and therefore heavy, open up the spiral and take most of the pages out so you don't keel over from the weight.
sketching outside in the summer the glare from the paper will give you padblindness so sunglasses and if you need reading glasses sunglasses with reading lenses in the bottom 

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