Thursday, 11 August 2016

Sketching in Canterbury, another lot of new Manston DCO documents on the DFT website, probable ramble.

My day off today and I have been out and about buying books for my bookshop and sketching.

The first sketch of the day was in Tankerton over a cup of tea this morning, I think I am slowly getting a bit better with these very quick sketches in just watercolour.

I finally got to Canterbury for lunch about half three and went back to my current sketching task which I learning to get the perspective right when sketching from an upstairs window.

The people are the most difficult one, fairly easy to make it look as though you are looking down on them by drawing in the surrounding buildings.

Anyway I then went on to sketching down the street from the upstairs window again, right across the A4 sketch pad making an A3 sketch

I think I am getting closer to the real angles, but although the photo looks right it isn’t quite the same for a sketch, which is why sketches from photos often look a bit peculiar.  

Yesterdays post about Manston got a lot of Facebook comment and brought home the realisation to me that a lot of the people who consider themselves to be pro airport or even pro airfreight hub or pro night flights, don’t seem to understand that factual information about Manston is important to both those for or against and that the front loaded nature of a DCO means that pre application resolution of the majority of issues is just part of the process.

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