Saturday, 12 August 2017

Looking back into Victorian Ramsgate with artistic licence.

 Looking at old prints of Ramsgate especially those with a date on interests me, this one says 1854 and obviously wasn't done from a photo, I also doubt it was done by copying a sketch drawn from a boat. My guess would be the artist went up the harbour wall, did some sketches, probably went up the other harbour wall and did some more, after which he or she went back to their digs and drew the picture after which they posted it off to the engraver.
 Like this one from 1851, I doubt the boat or the people would have stood still for long enough to sketch them.
 Just looking at the clothes and the date helps dating other ones.

 As you see in this one The Regency is half built

 This one has a strange cliff on the right of the inner harbour wall, I think this must have been completely made up by the artist, I think what the artist most conveys is. "I supped well at The Royal Albion Hotel" which at that time was where pizza express is now.

 This one shows the older lighthouse, allegedly washed away in a storm, note the wooden structure to help keep vessels entering the harbour away from it. Apparently one of its features was knocking the yardarms off of unwary ships entering the harbour. The later lighthouse is further back, although the echo of the old one remains, you only have to stand on the spot and talk to hear it.
I suppose this can be seen as a featured book post, so for the enthusiastic here is the link to the buy it now button

Just discovered Thanet From My Perspective where there are eighty odd pictures of today’s Pride event and two hundred and something of Margate Carnival, here is the link  

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