Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Ramsgate and the Napoleonic Wars + out and about pictures in Ramsgate today.

I know this picture of Ramsgate was drawn during the Napoleonic Wars as it is the one in the 1809 guide to Thanet, for those of you who know about my stealth advertising plan and still want to go further up this particular tree, here is the link that leads to the inevitable buy it now button.

Next some of  the Ramsgate pages from the guide.

Now at this time – oh sorry the wars – Waterloo, Trafalgar type of kidney spanned the period from 1800 to 1815, Ramsgate was supposed to be a military embarkation town. I am pretty sure I read somewhere that the area where Wellington Crescent was eventually built in from around 1820 and up on the westcliff where about 60 years later Vincent Van Gogh would eventually sketch the Churchill Tavern; was covered with tents.

I am also pretty sure that the Ramsgate Clifftop buildings that date for this period were built to rent out to officers, “can’t go anywhere without my, horses, servants, don’t you know”

Reading the guide I can only assume that this military centred, marry off your daughters social whirl was what they meant by the season.

However no mention of the war in the guide.    


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