Tuesday, 29 August 2017

Ramsgate regeneration and degeneration sun sea shopping and Folkestone.

I am outnumbered by the fairer sex in my family, this means that leisure will probably include shopping for clothes or shoes or even handbags, this something I don’t understand and am also allergic to.

When we go outside and the shopping occurs I usually have to be put into a man crèche or found a secondhand bookshop, as I understand browsing and my allergy doesn’t present.

Bank Holiday wise we spent Sunday in Canterbury, this is the Lords prayer in English somewhere on the edge of Old English and Middle English so probably 1200s, as you see the past, only some 800 years ago, probably a couple of hundred years after the conquest, indeed another country.

 where I bought books and painted dreadful watercolours, then Monday reared it’s head, the requirement being sun, sea, sand and shopping.

I mentioned Margate, apparently there are no shops there that have any appeal whatsoever to teenage girls – name one?

This may seem strange to some younger readers – but wasn’t going to spend bank holiday Monday in an out of town shopping centre.

What is required apparently are shops like Pimark, Next, Peacocks on the one hand and the beach on the other.

Folkestone was decided as the solution, Folkestone had very similar issues to Ramsgate, around the same size too, perhaps a marginally larger population, up until fairly recently it was a significant ferry port.

However unlike Ramsgate where the council seem keen on turning the place into an industrial transport hub, Folkestone is being turned into an arts and leisure town. 

This gadding about is no new thing this poster I came across over the weekend is fro 1923

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