Tuesday, 8 August 2017

The Pleasures of a wet day at Ramsgate, errata for the 1923 Ramsgate Street directory

The Pleasures of a wet day at Ramsgate is a picture by George Cruikshank from around 1820.

As a painter of sorts I haven’t really mastered expressing rain with watercolour, I did have to finish this pen and wash at Minster under an umbrella, the nuns there claim it as the oldest continuously inhabited building in Britain or something.   

 even with photographs it is easier to express after rain than the actual raining business,

I suppose this one has the makings of a, Weather here wish you were lovely, type of postcard.

Time to fess up and admit to publishing the Ramsgate Street Directory for 1923, missing Page 301, this is the last page.

You can print it out and stick it in, you can bring it into to shop and I will stick you one in. in the book business there is a special expletive, (swear word) for this, errata.

You will be glad to know I am taking my punishment seriously. So very sorry for the errata. 

It seems it's going to be one L so not an aberration.


  1. Ohhh you naughty boy, fancy making an errata but there again all good publishers do so it puts you in good company.


    1. Don I have added the most famous to the bottom of the post


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