Wednesday, 22 November 2017

A bit of a ramble about Manston, Ramsgate Maritime Museum and watercolour painting

The pictures of Ramsgate should enlarge if you click on them
At the moment i am focused on the maritime museum, clockhouse wosisname
this is pretty much because I periodically have breakfast in in Wetherspoons and paint the view above out the window there.
this morning it was this painting I was doing
I painted some of the houses on the cliff top from the left and this morning some from the right, the issue being. Will they join up in the middle?

Fancy guessing the date of this picture?

Anyway I suppose you know that Thanet has two MPs and that one of the MPs Sir Roger Gale has what they call a safe seat, well it seems this is ll going to change and maybe at the next general election Thanet may only have one MP and the seat may not be a safe one.

Nothing to do with this at all, but today Roger seems to have announced further Manston DCO delays due to his concerns about people living under the flight path of the airfreight hub. I do hope there wasn't any investment in RSP involved.

It's a funny old world.
Note the broken and missing slates on the clockhouse maritime museum wosisname

note the possible cause.


  1. Roger Gale never cared about the people on the flight path before. He and buddy Tony Freudman are said to loathe the people of Ramsgate This was clearly demonstrated by ignoring our pleas to be properly consulted, the one consultation venue in Ramsgate was too small for the amount of attendees and the time allotted was 2 hours shorter than any other consultation in areas of Kent which are far less affected by their 24/7 cargo hub they want to inflict on us. The only reason Gale and RSP (are they linked somehow, makes you wonder doesn't it?) are changing tact is because all of their plans were blown out of the water by York Aviation who presented at the KCC meeting yesterday. York Aviaton was clear that RSP's own so called expert is far from that and draws so heavily on anecdote as to be laughable. RSP repeatedly claim a growing dedicated freight market, false, lack of capacity at other airports, false, and no need for night flights which is clearly false if they intend a dedicated cargo hub, as they say they do.

  2. I disagree with Max Sense. I believe that Sir Roger cares very much about Ramsgate people and so do RSP, which is why they’ve all listened to people under the flight paths who felt they weren’t consulted enough. RSP were ready to submit their DCO this month, but they have decided to delay things. Additional Consultations are being put in place specially, which shows they’ve taken on board what people of Ramsgate and Herne Bay too have said.


  3. Is it right that an MP should appear to be the spokesman for a group of unknown foreign investors attempting a land grab?

  4. Roger Gale is MP for North Thanet, which includes Manston Airport. He also supports the airport, as do the majority of East Kent. Canterbury City Council and Dover District Council also support it. Councillor Wells used to as well, until recently, so who or what has changed his pledge?

  5. Councillor Wells is likely to have changed his mind after reading expert reports, all concluding that an airport is not viable. Perhaps if the claimed "majority" of people wanting a cargo airport were to take the trouble to read these reports, they, too, would have second thoughts. Waving banners, shouting and talking of the airport's heritage is all very well, but hardly convincing evidence of its alleged potential.

  6. Those reports have been read and Avia talk of the airport as it is at the moment not being viable, which we all know about. The York Aviation lady who spoke at KCC the other day, has changed her mind about Manston Airport. 2 years ago she wrote a report for the DfT and said Manston had the potential to cope with up to 14000 freight movements per annum!

    Statistics, statistics and damn statistics! The Secretary of State will examine all reports and make his own mind up. PINS have already discredited the Avia Report as they didn’t even consider the £300million investment in the pending DCO. Not fit for purpose. Only fit for Councillor Wells to slate the DCO, but it is incomplete!


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