Wednesday 1 November 2017

Wetherspoon’s Ramsgate, ah the view, the review, the endless tea and coffee.

Since the Sunday Times managed to find a correspondent who had never been to a Wetherspoon’s, to review the Ramsgate one, I was encouraged to go there this morning for breakfast. Which for me is a cup of coffee with toast and marmalade, when out, at home I am encouraged to have All Bran instead. Once upon a time I used to have a fry up and stay thin, not anymore – so no more fry ups.

There is this bottomless coffee business in Wetherspoon’s, meaning that when you buy one cup of coffee you can keep refilling it for free i.e. without paying for more cups.

If I were to do a lot of this then the situation would be something like the interview in Train Spotting. Tea is my bag baby, and so I asked about bottomless tea and was told that yes this was also available in the Ramsgate one, although not necessarily in all Wetherspoon’s. 

This is a picture half of my toast, either I had eaten the other half before I decided to photograph or I was testing the the rest for springback when the sprung off, 

The coffee, was coffee and tasted very like the coffee that comes out of the coffee machine in my kitchen, made with Italian coffee from Waitrose, definitely coffee anyway.

Toast, probably made from bread, marmalade Wilkin and whatnot, butter Lurpack, I am not really sure about using Danish butter, didn’t the Danes invade Thanet? Pillaged and raped the nuns at Minster. Very dubious butter, I must say, from the EU too.

I had actually misjudged the temperature outside, so had to move inside to paint, out of the window.

A good painting spot

progress so far and then off to work fro 9.30

Then back this evening, so what's the problem with the empty half of The Royal Victoria Pavilion, I haven't fully checked this one, but the rumour is that it's Thanet District Council and the terms of their lease. 

I believe this means that Wetherspoon's have to let it out to a third party and can't turn it into a Weatherspoon's hotel which is what they want to do.

Back there for endless cups of tea £1.50 and a quick watercolour sketch of the inside of Ramsgate Spoons isit
The thing with paining the interior of something like The Royal Victoria Pavilion is that I have to do a few of these preliminary sketches before I know how to paint it.

I don't think either council are very keen on allowing Ramsgate to regenerate KCC have too much riding on Turner Contemporary and TDC too much riding on Dreamland to have a good and competitive resort just down the road in Ramsgate.  


  1. I'm really sorry, but you need to go back and learn how to spell and structure a sentence properly. Do yoou proof read? This is the worst written review from a 'professional' that I have read in a long time.
    It doesn't tell me anything about the place other than it has a nice sea view, bottomless tea/coffee and toast. You spend the whole review showing us your doodles and rambling about random things that are completely irrelevant, including the nuns at Minster.
    I don't want to see photos of your doodles, I want to see photos of the actual place you are reviewing. How are people, who have not been there yet, supposed to make their mind up about the place?
    I hope your paintings are better than your writing skills.

  2. Thanks for the vote of confidence Unknown

  3. Above comment is completely unfair. I don't think the article is supposed to be a review. It's just one of Michael's gentle chats. If you want a review read the Sunday Times one.

  4. I preferred your review, Michael, to the show-off nonsense in the Sunday Times!

  5. Well spotted there Peter that was the idea oh to see ourselves as others see us as I said the Sunday Times one was pay to read Jimmy so I opted out sorry about the lack of punctuation but you know how it is when criticising professionals or anyone on the game


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