Thursday, 2 November 2017

Harbour Parade and Pier Yard Ramsgate, 100 out and about in Faversham photos, ramble, well maybe.

This part of Ramsgate changed considerably between 1872 and 1914, I think this was mainly due to Ramsgate getting its own government after having been governed as a "limb" by the decayed Cinque Port of Sandwich since the middle ages.   

Apart from the building of the Military road arches and Madeira Walk, major projects which caused much complaint from the ratepayers association, many of the building in Harbour parade and Pier Yard were demolished and some new ones built.

Tuesdays post and my internal clock going the wrong way at the weekend, means I have been up early painting at Pav and Belgian Café  and this has contributed to focusing my mind on this part of Ramsgate.

I have been digging around in my heaps of old photos and although the one above will expand a certain amount if clicked on
The detail is in the devil if you crop it out.
The buildings you want to see get in the way of the buildings you want to see
fascinating and irritating all at the same time

 Just found these two sketches by JWM Turner both titled "Ramsgate Harbour from the North-West; Pier Castle" on big and one little so only one will expand. Whoops same picture different scans

Ok off into the more off the wall areas

Some time ago I sketched a local character, guess who.

And the other morning he sketched me, and I promised to publish both sketches here, after which I promptly forgot about it.  

I have been off bookbuying in Faversham where I took about 100 photos, here is the link whole camera card, so don’t look at the ones you don’t want to see

Another load of the Dutch stained glass in Canterbury too. Much more difficult to photograph so a much larger proportion of duff ones, it starts with a few Ramsgate ones, here is the link

Bookshop wise here are the pictures of the books that went out yesterday, a fair amount of East Kent ones, so perhaps worth a look

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