Friday, 8 January 2010

Grit gas political websites and local blogs

Credit where credit is due the main bus route here in Ramsgate has been salted and busses are getting through. The town centre has been treated with what looks like sand and small stones from the beach, I am sure someone will correct me if I am wrong about this, and Ramsgate market is up and running.

A quick glance at the local political websites reveals an update from Roger Gale, with an interesting press release about Eurostar see I don’t quite know what to make of this one.

A quick glance at the local blogs, Tim’s post on the levels of airborne mercury at Thor Chemicals in Margate during the 1980s is a bit jaw dropping see 20 times the safe limit, at first I thought he must have something wrong here but he confirms this with documentation that seems pretty cast iron see

Tony has some interesting thoughts about compensation when things go wrong and the local economy is damaged see I wonder if Ramsgate is due any over the Pleasurama debacle.

Bertie has an interesting post about gas, I had thought the business about gas supply problems was just a bit of Tory scaremongering and hadn’t realised that the reduced gas pressure some people are experiencing actually stops their heating see

It’s good to see Matt picking up on my thoughts about how local politicians are using the internet see

I think a factor here is that the most pertinent to the coming national elections is what proportion of the Thanet South floating vote is going to be influenced by the internet.

Oh and a particularly funny post from Simon

The picture above prompted the obvious question from one of my children, why didn’t it snow on the beach?


  1. Michael, it did snow on the beach, you can see the sand covered in snow just behind the old casino, the sandy area is where the sea rises at high tide.

  2. Also plenty of salt on it?

  3. Well done Tim.

    I must get round to writing that letter to Environment Agency querying which Thanet employers have direct water abstraction (such as a laundry)

    Let's hope that the Gazette follows the blogger lead with the aquifer and air contamination issues.

    One question not receiving enough attention is about workforces. Thanet people who worked for Thor, for Sericol and for Petbow/Cummins. People who kept quiet about industrial activity that was and is a hazard to life and health. Thanetians.


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