Friday, 22 January 2010

Why would Thanet District Council lie to Your Thanet newspaper?

After the last two days posts this one is a bit of a mixture of Ramsgate Royal Sands Development – Pleasurama to most of us – and some thoughts on photography.

Now although we all know that phrase, “the camera never lies,” isn’t completely true there is certainly an element of truth in what photographs portray.

Having had a few days to think about it I think that the most interesting Pleasurama development, development this week is that the council lied to the local paper see

I revisited the pictures that I took of the bulge in blockwork panel that initiated the repairs and the other pictures of the weeds growing out of the newly repaired and painted cliff façade I have put them on the internet half sized – very big - at and run them through a batch process in photo enhancing program and published them at

You don’t really have to be a civil engineer to see that the bulge was there and the crack filled before the façade was painted, anyone who has done the most basic of home decoration can see what’s been filled and opened up even more as the bulge got slightly worse after the paint job.

You don’t really need to be Bob the Builder to see that the pointing work to the cracks in the façade wasn’t done properly either.

The picture above (click on it top enlarge) shows the bottom of one of the main support pillars TDC say “The load bearing columns are founded on reinforced concrete pads,” I say it’s sitting on a little pile of chalk.


  1. Michael,
    We have to accept that TDC does not know how to be honest and open anymore. Like a child with jam around its mouth, the answer is 'no' to the question ''Have you been eating jam?'

    Not only are they lying on this matter but we have Officers and Councillors lying to the public, via the local press, about the 'pressing' SE Plan requirement to change the use of Eurokent to housing rather than employment land , when other planning officers are telling them in The Annual Monitoring Report that they will meet SE Plan target 8 years early with far more dwellings completed than required and without Eurokent land even considered.

  2. It is a sad state of affairs but it seems that lying ( or being econimical with the truth) is the current currency with TDC, as they say the rot starts at the top so the lead must come from the chief executive.

  3. you're havin a giraffe, since when has the chief exec lead anything in thanet!!!!well apart from a holiday trip to china (sorry he wasn't leading that he was the bag carier)

  4. Not sure about giraffes, certainly TDC loves "white elephants" millions spent on business parks- cliff repairs- etc etc.


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