Sunday, 2 February 2014

Afternoon in Canterbury some photos and a ramble.

 Economy lunch in the cathedral grounds, if you attend a church service in the cathedral you don’t have to pay to get in, so some rolls and cheese from M&S feeds four for about £1 each and a bench in the sunshine with a view of some of the best architecture in the world.

 The recently cleaned and restored stonework is quite something.
 fewer of the more dubious shops that are starting to become an infection in the Thanet towns.

The funny story occurred later on when I thought I would draw a picture of the cathedral gate, by this time it was too cold to sketch outside, so I surveyed the various cafés in the area for a seat in the widow.

Having queued up the seat had gone and the one I did get had rather a strange juxtaposition of the tacky modern and grand medieval, unfortunately I had got about a quarter of the sketch done when the table between me and the window changed from a table of one to a table of four meaning that I couldn’t see even the bit I had already drawn, so I gave up.     

£1.75 for a cup of tea I didn’t really want down the proverbial, art can be an expensive business.
 River levels were fairly high in Canterbury so here are some picts, if you click on any that interest you the should expand.     

The two thumb photos were my attempts to capture a large rat 

For anyone further interested here are some pictures of the 1909 Canterbury floods


  1. Here in Thanet it is hard to comprehend the suffering of those who are suffering the worst of the floods but when you head out off the Island you see the water lying in the fields and the Stour is very high. I dont know what the answer is but cutting back on funding to the EA will not make the situation easier. I like the idea of some rolls and sitting having a picnic but it is not on the agenda for me till the weather warms up.

  2. Don, I take your point. However, chucking money at a problem is not necessarily the answer. What is required is know how, common sense and leadership.

  3. You claim that The Money Shop is 'dubious' and 'an infection'. For some of us who do not qualify for a credit card, other than the 'pay-as-you-go' variety, this outlet is a boon as I can pay in whenever I am able and cannot spend on the credit card more than I have paid in. Thus no monthly bills and no interest payments. I agree that pay-day loans are never a particularly good idea. However, if the Big Banks had provided proper services in the past, then the pay-day loan guys would not have had a look in. Surely a classic case of supply and demand. [And their windows are a damned sight more attractive than yours]

    1. I should also add that according to a BBC report there were almost double the amount of betting shops 30 years ago as there are now. I don't personally use any of these shops, but I'm with Col that they're not "dubious" at all.

  4. I find it impossible to praise 'Wonga' and its like. Other than to say that Wonga is subject to the law and ever increasing regulation, and that it keeps the loan shark at bay. Default on your Wonga debt and you will wind up in court. Whereas with a loan shark you will wind up in hospital with broken limbs, or worse.


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