Friday, 13 June 2014

Friday 13th ramble

Very little to say today as I have been working in my bookshop all day and I have suddenly finished the pile of email enquires and the fine weather has just about put pay to shoppers in the town centre.

It is Friday the 13th so having cleaned my teeth with a tube of pile ointment and applied toothpaste where the sun don’t shine and done what booksellers call a day’s work, I am giving my full attention to the blog.

I did get out yesterday and noticed the window of the Ramsgate Town Council offices has been boarded up, so did speculate on which town councillor was responsible for throwing which councillor threw ?

Definitely a new kid on the blog in the guise of Purple Om having all the problems that I had over weather, whether and wether (castrated ram) that I had not so very long ago, or threw and through for that matter.

One thing that has been around all of my children and me is this old keyboard that has been stickered up showing which finger should be used for which key and now all of us can touch type after a fashion, one for Mr Om perhaps.

The secondhand bookshop that has just closed in Dover is soon to open in Margate High Street which with the hospice charity bookshop in the old bank at the bottom of The High Street and another one in the old town will start to give Margate a Hay-on-Wye feel.  

I will try and think of a bit more to ramble on about here, honest I will.

I guess for me a major problem at the moment is the main Thanet blogs Thanet Life, Bignews and ECR have gone to sleep. There really is nowhere much else for local people to make a blog comment. There really is very little going on in Thanet at the moment that I have found out about and can post about.  

There is of course the Manston cpo but I have to say that I have had enough of that for a bit.


  1. Unfortunately the Hospice Old Bank Bookshop at Margate Piazza has had a 'refit' which seems to have made it just another charity shop. It still has a rapid staff turnover ... they seem to leave before they can master the needlessly complicated till. Given that charity's well publicised issues elsewhere as they 'close premises to improve services' .... it is just as well that they're not trying to organise an event in a brewery! I no longer patronise The Old Bank Bookshop as, in my opinion, it has had the soul torn out of it. Shame.

    1. Joe I heartily endorse that in spades so now I have nowhere to get rid of my mums growing collection of the latest Mills & Boon

    2. Barry as a minor thought here, if you donate M&B or fairly scruffy books to a charity shop that never displays them, you may wonder where they go to. Joe the whole business of charity bookshops misses the point that a secondhand bookshop is normally a by-product of a secondhand bookseller, a rare species that doesn’t actually need a shop to operate. Traditionally secondhand bookshops have done their best to avoid customers by looking shut, producing peculiar smells, damp areas, spontaneous bouts of rudeness, in fact just about anything to avoid actually selling the books. One frustrated Italian bookseller who sold an incunable in about 1590, pretty much the cardinal sin in the trade, is famous fror rushing out of his shop stabbing the customer retrieving the book and keeping his shop very firmly closed after that

    3. I could park some at Topps Cafe but with the soap opera of Pleasurama on the doorstep I doubt people would read them

  2. Michael,
    many of the regular bloggers are having to spend less time at the keyboard now as the economy improves, and devote time to the real world of life and employment..!!!


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