Sunday, 15 February 2015

Petticoat Lane Emporium Ramsgate where I buy a bookbinding press for my bookshop and take a few photos for those of you who haven’t visited it yet.

My bookshop in Ramsgate being closed today I went off to have a look at Ramsgate’s latest retail extravaganza, one great advantage to this one is that if you have children it is very close to King George VI Park, so entertainment for all the family.

Here is the link to The Petticoat Lane Emporium website in terms of an all weather, seven days a week, something to do in Thanet, with loos and a café, I would have thought most people would want to stay for an hour or two.   

Here are the photos which should expand if you click on them

I bought the book press below for £35, which I thought was good value.


  1. shame about the traffic caos around the area no thought for residents

  2. 6.51 I often park in this part of Ramsgate as my children like to stop off at the park, we went today at about 11.30 leaving at about 1.00 had no problem parking, saw no parking chaos. So my question is, did you actually go there and have parking or traffic problems?

  3. Looks good I must come over and see for myself

  4. How long before the shoppers start to use the Surgery car park next door.

  5. Save Manston lot are up in arms that the former airport should be opened up for freight and a breakers yeard, because Russian planes are snooping around like they have for the last 60-odd years..... where is the logic??

  6. Zzzzzzzzzave Manzzzzzzston

    Only in Thanet.....

    Whatever happened to Latchford and Shonk and Kent Ukip policies now they've been elected for years?

  7. I suspect that being elected is the problem. Lots of people have great ideas. Once elected they realise how little power they actually have and how party politics and bureaucracy prevents them from doing anything more than tinkering at the edges. Trevor Shonk is a particular disappointment. Here's a man who is a model citizen, doing loads of charity work, sweeping the streets around his own home and talking to local people. Yet, as soon as he's elected he comes under Latchford's overbearing, controlling party management style, and disappears. Way to go Trev.

  8. Ukip dragging Kent through the mud again with the Rozanne Negro documentary this week.


  9. Michael I like your vice :)
    I went up there to have a look but its a bit of a boot sale as I was looking for real antiques.
    Before it opened I asked what the rents were and if they had any insurance against theft and breakages as I was thinking of taking out a stall but when I heard that anything I put in there was at my own risk I decided against it and rightfully so because when I took a look after they opened, in the hour I was there I heard 2 smashes without anybody seeing what had been damaged
    I'm sure a place of that size is very hard to look after but I'm glad its not my stuff they are playing cricket with. Now I can see why is a bit of a boot sale without any good stuff.


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