Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Power Tool Accident at Manston Airport and a ramble

Here is the Emergency services tweet.

MANSTON update: A man has been injured this afternoon by an exploding grinder that was being used to dismantle an aircraft at Manston .

This is probably the grinding disk disintegrating in an angle grinder, which can be very nasty indeed, I hope the worker using it is OK.

I have been sketching away between customers when I should have been working, here are yesterday's results.

My take is the authors on http://www.fantasticfiction.co.uk/ are fair game being artists too, and as the photos are very small it is giving me good practice getting better or at least somwhare with getting very small liknesses into my shetches.

only one so far today and a big mostly blank bit of A4

picture when it works, a bad day on the technology front with a power outage in King Street earlier.

On the blogging front it hasn't take long for the spam comments to get back to an unmanageable level, so if you comment anonymously and your comment seems way off the wall, mostly unrelated to the post and so on it probably won't get published.

The commercial spammers are getting much better at making their comments looks as though they are related to the post and then slipping in whatever it is they want to get across. And added to this is the non commercial spam where individuals try to get across a message that they wouldn't dare to publish under their own name or on their own blog here.

The real issue for me is with comment notification, the idea being that you comment here which triggers an email to my mobile phone, which allows me ot ok your comment and it then gets published.

Of course what happens in practice is that I get 100s of emails a day relating to spam comments, so ignore them and deal with the comments when i get the time.

another one from the Kent 999 twitter feed a couple of days out of date but I haven't seen any news coverage of this.

RAMSGATE update: Rubber safety matting around King George VI Park play area was set alight tonight. The fire spread to some play equipment.
RAMSGATE: The children's play area was set on fire in King George VI Park around 7.15pm tonight. Pic Pam Bellingham

I will ramble on


  1. Manston seems an idiot magnet.

    A contender for the Darwin Awards: using an angle grinder to dismantle aircraft?

    Why isn't an expert dismantling firm breaking up the aircraft and away from the water supply?

    How any aircraft are dumped at Manston?

  2. Maybe wait for the HSE investigation and have some consideration as a man was hurt.

  3. It is a shame that a personal, human tragedy is being exploited by some supporters of Manston Airport. Comments on their facebook page about how the accident can be "turned into something positive" are utterly distasteful. If they want to win minds - not everyone shares their view of life - they are going about the task in quite the wrong way.


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