Wednesday, 6 August 2008

Political solutions for Thanet

In view of all the comment on my post about cabinet members integrity and with the journey towards an elected Mayor now moving forward, it would seem we are very likely to have a change in leadership either now or in the medium term. The petition only requires 5% of the electorate and the referendum asks the people who bother to vote if they want to vote or not, making it pretty much a forgone conclusion.

The real problem we have is not if our cabinet members behaved improperly but that local peoples perception of them is at such a low ebb.

Now at the moment the Conservative group would retain some credibility by changing leadership to a councillor outside of the cabinet group.

If this doesn’t happen if there are sufficient members of both parties unhappy with the current situation they can vote for a mayoral election.

I don’t see how the whole of the Labour group can lose by going down that particular road as by the time they next get into power we are pretty much certain to have a Mayor as leader of the council.


  1. It will cost far too much money, and it can't work in a small place like Thanet. Maybe in Canterbury but not in Thanet.

    Sorry but Thanet will never have an elected mayor

  2. 13.44 the mayor replaces the leader that we already pay for, it’s not an extra.

  3. but he gets a bigger salary and loads of 'Advisors' and we still have a council, only called an assembly

  4. 14.15 No that’s London he gets one chief executive to advise him who he chooses from the existing officers. I am not certain if there is any difference between what the current leader gets and what he would get.

  5. Michael. It won't work in Thanet. The sooner you and big Jerry get used to that fact the better.

  6. 17.15 Firstly if the electorate vote for it, it will, secondly are you happy with current situation and do you feel that local people think the are getting good government and lastly do you propose an alternative solution.

  7. Add Hayton to your list of tories under Standards scrutiny Michael.

    The Chief Executive of Kent Police Authority has made a summary of concerns going back twenty years to be presented for review by Chair of their Standards Board.

    We must bear in mind that KPA adopted a code of conduct in 2002 and they may decide they do not have jurisdiction to consider matters before that date even if they gave rise to duties which prevail to this time. I wait to see ....

    (Got KPA letter today Michael)

    Best wishes

  8. you won't be able to get enough signatures

  9. people will not want to get signatures, and even if you do the council will delay things i.e ramsgate parish

  10. more chance of electing a king of thanet.. King Jerry De LaEgo

  11. probaly the new mayor would get at leats 40K thats 23k more, plus you still have a locally ellected assembly. at least at 20K each. Come off it, its a fog to support your egocentric views as to how the world hates you and gerry o'donnell


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