Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Thanet Blog Chart

Once again I am publishing the number of people who have come to this blog during the last month by clicking on a link on another blog, it’s the closest I can get to an indicator of the relative popularity of the Thanet blogs. I have only included those that have feeds on their sidebar.

http://www.eastcliffrichard.blogspot.com/ 855
http://www.eastclifframsgate.blogspot.com/ 200
http://www.bignewsmargate.blogspot.com/ 179
www.nakedinthanet.blogspot.com 108
http://www.thanetstrife.blogspot.com/ 103
http://www.thanetcoastlife.blogspot.com/ 82
http://www.villagevoices.blogspot.com/ 36
http://www.marknottingham.blogspot.com/ 33
http://www.thanetblogs.blogspot.com/ 25
http://www.thanetobserver.blogspot.com/ 23
http://www.thegreatdaktari.blogspot.com/ 20

I was surprised that http://www.thanetblogs.blogspot.com/ came anywhere as I only published it for my own convenience and I didn’t think there were links to it anywhere.


  1. Strange that my own blog didn't send a few people your way (I seem to recall that it was featured quite high on the list last time you did this!). Maybe it's due to the fact that I haven't posted on there quite so frequently lately?

  2. sorry Peter I have put you in now

  3. I do my best I hope I haven’t missed anyone else.

  4. Confirmation there of what we all suspected - I am the island's premier blog! And so modest with it, too!

  5. It might be interesting to divide the number of referrals by the number of posts.

    In which case young Mr Checksfield is Thanet's number one

    ECR at no.2
    Eastcliff Matters no.3

    with bignews tony in its current suspended status down the blimmin pan as it were

    So the island's premier blog might just be there because he piles them high and sells em cheap!

    sorry Eastcliff, just sharpening the old claws!

  6. I'm actually old enough to be ECR's dad, but thanks for this! : )

  7. It might be interesting to divide the number of referrals by the number of posts.

    What kind of spurious, nonsensical calculation is that, OEB?

    Remind me not to hire you to do my overnights!

  8. I suspect that as I come across frequently from 'Strife' , Michael, the numbers from there might be mis-leading. Haven't managed to fix a counter thingee on Strife yet!

    A thought. I wonder if I could topple Premier man from his perch if I sat for a few hours 'popping across' to you? Sad, Bertie!

    Must go and remove my link to Village Voice as 'Our Ken' seems to have sent me into the wilderness. Sadder stil, perhaps?

  9. Eastcliffe my calculation might be more indicative of quality.

    But I have to admit on my own fledgling site yours is referring the most traffic.

    Of course ECR is in the premier division of blogs and likly to remain so.


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