Saturday, 16 January 2010

Euroferries update and don’t use Internet Explorer

Many thanks to Antonio for this update on Bonanza Express.

I had heard that all was not quite going as hoped so emailed Antonio for an update here is his reply.

I´ve been out of Tenerife in Seville, this week At the end of Nov 09, before the guarantee nonpayment for Euroferries (00), Olsen decided to end the share operation of the Bonanza in the connection UK - France in Channel, erasing the logo of the sides of the Bnz (01 and 02). For the last few days Bnz moved from Los Llanos dock to the Ribera side dock very next to Osen station (05), where is proceeded to paint again with colors of Olsen (03 and 04 pictures, taken yesterday) revising and equipping the HSC to operate on again.Saludos desde Tenerife.
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  1. Well aren't we all suprised!!!!!

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Sorry, Michael. Let me start again. Great pics at last of the new paint job. Can I copy and send to some friends?

  4. So, what happens now ..... this has been coming for months, Bertie new about it - are they still selling tickets ?

  5. The Euroferries web site takes booking from March. They say on their web site that they are the leading fast ferry operator on the English Channel between Ramsgate and Boulogne. This is not true at the moment as they are not currently sailing. From march it may be true. They are also still advertising the Bonanza Express. This could be true if they start operating a ship that looks like the one they are advertising and its called 'Bonanza Express'. We will have to wait and see but I would like to be able to cross from Ramsgate this summer having been disappointed last year. But I wont book until I see the service running.

  6. Press Release by Tuesday morning, me thinks - who will be to blame this time ?

  7. Sorry Bertie they just aren’t my copyright you could try clicking on the link to his blog in this post and asking him.

  8. Sorry, but this post seems a bit like gibberish to me, as though it's been translated from a foreign language by a computer. I don't get what's being said at all.

  9. the short story is...

    As Euroferries hadn't paid Fred Olsen any money they've repainted in Olsen colours and are going to put it back into service in the Canaries.

    Shorter story... Euroferries have no boat.

  10. Said boat has left Santa Cruz heading for Agaete, Gran Canaria right now.

    It is worth going to the Portuguese blog and running the piece through Google translate, it says all we need to know.

  11. Oh Dear TDC...what was that about a Cllr knowing his onions when dealing with major a**e.

  12. Thanks for that, Michael. Will do.


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