Wednesday, 13 January 2010

A few pictures on another gloomy morning

If you are wondering why this blog post is a bit muddled if not plain bad I am battling with my response to Thanet’s core strategy at the moment see

Once again I managed to get a short walk this morning and take a few pictures for those who can’t see

The amount of cloud means that it is pretty much dark before I get the children up for school so I am afraid you only get a quick half hour between dropping them off at school and my opening the bookshop.

Looking on the bright side though it is getting brighter every day now behind the clouds and the weather is looking to improve at the weekend.

I have been going through the early pages of this blog trying to make broken links work and republishing missing pictures that seem for no apparent reason to vanish from the internet.

The trouble with all of the pictures that I have published to the internet over the past three years is there hasn’t been much method to my madness, this is partly due to lack of time. What happens is that I take a few hundred pictures, stick them anywhere on one of my websites, do a quick blog post linked to the pages where the pictures are and forget about them.

I tried Flickr the other day and I can see it would be very good if I had loads of time see eventually I hope to go through the pictures that I have got stored on various computers and put up something that makes a bit more sense.

As far as I can see though Flickr just isn’t going to work for my morning walk pictures for the people who just glance through them, as there would just be too much clicking about, the 100 picture to the page method seems to be the best option for these.


  1. I use flickr for all my photos and it's a great way to keep them organised.

    I love it that you take so many photos but as you say it's quite hard to find them sometimes. With Flickr they can be tagged, geomapped, put into sets, etc, which would be great for your photos of the local area.

  2. I haven't ventured out much lately as it has been too dreary and cold but it might be nice if you kept some of the pics like the shell decorated wall to one side Michael and made an annual quiz out of them

  3. I see these photos every time I leave my house surely there is something to be cheerful about out there?


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