Monday, 13 December 2010

Lighthearted Bob, Thanet District Council’s Leader Spills the Beans

I have finally tracked down the council leader’s comments on his rather unusual quotes, highlighted in yesterdays post, they appear in his Leader's column in the Gazette.

Unfortunately the Gazette titled it “Do we really need so much consultation?” instead of Bob’s view, or some such thing I could identify, here is the link I managed to comment on it.

Not that easy, as you have to join the site, forget your password and all that sort of thing, I suppose that’s why I use blogger.

It isn’t my intention to hound Bob over his indiscretions, I am not the one armed man and I doubt Bob is eager for fun, but I am concerned that he engages in some sort of dialogue with Thanet residents, rather in the same way that the council officers should reply to local residents.

The Conservative group have only ever sent me one press release and I am not quite sure how they view the local blogs. The leader is obviously prepared to communicate via the Gazette and of course Simon Moores has his Thanet Life blog but as he says today. “The toughest part of being a politician these days is that one can no longer say what one really thinks....” Here is the rest of the post

Well the internet is here to stay and somehow the councillors and the council are going to have to do better when it comes to using it to communicate with us lot, the rabble, voters, unborn call us what you will.

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  1. The views of one Councillor on TDC media and communications.

    "However, we also seem to have a media & communication department at Thanet District Council that continues to fail in its delivery to the public domain"

    What more needs to be said?


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