Thursday, 6 January 2011

Thanet Earth, Success or Disaster

Looking on the local blogs and news sites this morning for something that is both local and controversial, something that isn’t that easy these days, I came across the following article on the Your Thanet website,

I have had considerable reservations about Thanet Earth since construction work first started there and have been posting about it for some time, this is an example,

My reservations are mainly environmental ones, a major concern being that there was no need to build it on prime farmland when we already have so many spoilt industrial sites. You have to appreciate that Thanet Earth doesn’t use Thanet’s earth at all, the plants there are grown in chemical cocktail mixed up in water. Science hat on for a moment, to be fair all living things are growing in the chemical cocktail of this planets environment, and although you may go out an buy an “organic vegetable” you would be pretty hard pushed to find an inorganic vegetable.

However the truth is that any old bit of spoiled industrial land would have done for Thanet Earth and bulldozing off prime farmland wasn’t such a good idea. Some of the arguments for Thanet Earth literally don’t hold water. An example of this is that a large proportion of water is saved by collecting rainwater from its roofs, the flaw in this argument is that the water landing on the roofs was previously soaking into the ground and replenishing our natural underground water reservoir.

Here are the rest of my posts about Thanet Earth for those of you who want a bit more detail.


  1. As a local parish councillor, I was shown around Thanet Earth during construction and asked "why do you build here on prime farm land and not down there near the sea?" Answer was "because there is more sunshine up here than down there" Still, the farmer made a good profit out of the deal. What will happen to the site when Tesco screws down the price by a penny or two and awards the contract elswhere?


  2. I see Jon like Icarus whose wings melted as he got nearer the sun, that sort of science is the sort of response one expects large companies to make to councillors when justifying profit over common sense.

  3. Let Tesco do what they like, this organisation supplies more than 4 big supermarkets

  4. I must say in defence of Thanet Earth they can only employ those that apply for the jobs. If no one from Thanet apply then how can they give them jobs?

  5. 19.22 I think you could say we are suffering considerably from Tesco doing what they like.

    Don I don’t have a problem with foreign workers, just desecrating our prime farmland and reducing our water supply. Historically I would say any indigenous English population has been ousted or added to the immigrant gene pool over the couple of thousand years.


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