Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Midweek ramble

Having just proof read a new local history book, I have been looking at the various local bits of news and rumour and trying to make sense of them. It appears that the Manston to Manchester flights have been something of failure and they are going to be scrapped. I gather now they are going to have a go at Manston to Belfast,

Word on the street is that the council have finally seen sense over the big event and are going to make it a free event next year centred around the Turner Contemporary, possibly they will rename it, perhaps Margate Air and Arts Show.

At least any businesses still remaining in the town may see some sort of spin-off for the two days that it’s on.

Pity they can’t redirect the funding for moving the tourist information centre across the road to reopening the caves, the museum and the Tudor House.

Entrance to the Turner Contemporary will of course be free but it seems to me that the only way to make the thing work in any sense is to be able to offer something approaching an all weather day out for the family.

Bunging everything we have left in Thanet into one package day, including the Powell Cotton Museum, Ramsgate Maritime Museum, a trip over the Cervia, Shell Grotto, Margate Museum, Margate Caves, turner Contemporary and I suppose you could just about get people in the southeast to get on the train and come down to Thanet for the day in some sort of quantity.

With manufacturing industry moving off to China years ago and now R&D moving off to India, tourism may be our last hope. Trouble is moving the complimentary leisure to Westwood Cross means that there is little for tourists to do in Thanet on a wet day.
You can see from the pictures I have resolved the issue of picture of Ken Stroud playing the organ it would seem to be undoubtedly Ramsgate marina, unfortunately demolished by the council.


  1. Michael,

    Perhaps more should be done to promote the chalk reef around the isle. If I were to win the lottery I would build a seacology centre and use it to promote the coast and put together a detailed collection of every marine living thing that lives off our coast. The Thanet coastline is unique and is very under estimated.
    The situation with the beach whale is something else unique, unfortunately it was cut up and thrown away and the other parts of the whale looted and taken away from Thanet.

  2. Ah yes Tony I know this one I have talked to various business people during their attempts top set up tourist based enterprises in Thanet, it goes roughly like this I think.

    Bank manager. “So you are getting the full support of the local authority, no problems or delays?”

    Entrepreneur. “Mumble mumble mumble.”

    Bank manager. “What is your business plan then?”

    Entrepreneur. “To win the lottery.”

  3. One thing I do find lacking in Thanet is real knowledge about Thanet, it does appear that most people with money do not have it and think they do because they have money. The same applies to most elected councillors they get elected and think because they are elected they are the experts and know best.

  4. Ah Tony and there was me thinking you used to be a councillor. Not sure what the solution is to that one, at the moment the councillors and the people with the money seem to be promoting art as our salvation, trouble is I don’t think they understand art either.

  5. True I was once a councillor and will be standing again for the Town Council as a Labour Candidate,

  6. Which town Tony? I thought you were Margate based, does this mean that Margate are petitioning for a town council?

  7. i hear on the news that the failure of the manchester service is because of the lack of a railway station, with ramsgate station 10 minutes away, and an excellent taxi service available right outside the station that seems a bit disingenuous to say the least.
    I am sure flybe have done their homework but is there a great call for a ramsgate to belfast service.

  8. Manchester is somewhere most people would be just as happy to drive to. Belfast is a better destination from Kent. Dulin would be a good destination too. Whether the times of day and regularity will suit I am not so sure though. I am sure it will do better than Manchester, I will consider an Ireland holiday now for starters.

  9. Michael,

    It is Ramsgate town council.

  10. Ken Stroud is my granddad!


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