Thursday, 3 March 2011

Ramsgate lion returns, town gets new frog, sunrise and loses spare tyre

Busy day off today but I did manage to get out in Ramsgate on and off, after taking the children to school I walked up Thanet Hill and noticed that ATS tyres have closed, the phrase, due to centre closure, seemed somewhat surreal to me so the business of another business’s closure’s depression was mitigated by the bizarre way of expressing it.
Next as you see the other lion has returned, my children feed them stones and the twins were disappointed when one of the lions that they obviously assumed are twins, was run over and broken.
The six bizarre building support posts on the Pleasurama site have seen little change, odd that this is happening at the other end to of the site to the end the building is supposed to start. I have made a complaint about this one to the council, I tried asking why the building is not progressing as expected, and received the promise of an answer that never came. So I took this as council speak for, all is not well please make an official complaint so we can justify sending someone off to look. One decoding is another encoding as they say in the parody of literary theory, sic Rummage.
Among the other interesting things that happens today, one of our dishwashing machines developed incontinence, meaning a visit to Wilkinson’s and behold a new Sunrise Café, tough competition though in the foodie destination of Ramsgate where a bacon sarni and a cuppa can cost as little as £1.
One of the council owned assets has been let to a Groovy Frog see
Here are the rest of the pictures

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