Wednesday, 23 March 2011

What Do I Know?

Tree massacre?

As you can see from the picture Albion Gardens is looking a bit on bald side.
Shallow Grave?

The strange and unexpected progress continues with the Pleasurama Development, instead of the pile boring we expected the shallow concrete pad foundations shown in the picture are going in.
Rock on?

The developer seems cautiously scraping away at the chalk near to the bottom of the cliff wall, although there don’t seem to be any signs of foundations there, it does look like solid undisturbed chalk.

What I can’t seem to get is any information about what is actually going on with the site and frankly all may be well there, but until my answers come back telling me why the schedule has changed, the foundation method has changed, why the cliff top drain is still blocked and so on, I remain sceptical.

From a purely historical perspective there can be no doubt that the solid chalk base of the site must be a considerable distance below where the shallow concrete foundations are going in. The cliff before cliff wall was put on would have been formed by erosion from the sea and in some time in the distant past the cliff would have extended down to the low tide level.

Here are the rest of the pictures

Lost for words?

Sorry about the lack of blog posting over the last week, I don’t think I was in the mood or something and there has been plenty of interest on the other blogs, I may ramble on about that later.
A mild meander of the blogs suggests that the Mark Nottingham Labour group spat is still underway, documents leaking out like on Bignews at or even more bizarrely at Thanet Star
What all of this means and how it will effect the forthcoming elections is a bit beyond me, one thing is certain trying to take it out of the public domain once it has been there is just plain weird.
Pondering this I went out for a walk and took some more pictures, there are some of the London Array building and a few of me trying to be artistic with the camera at


  1. So, are you now coming round to the idea that these foundations may not be all that?

  2. 16.13 I don’t really know what to think here, the firm doing the work is reputable without doubt, but aspects like the flood risk still remain unanswered, it certainly looks like the start of serious building work but at a very slow pace if you consider they have been at it for a month now. Obviously what they are doing is considerably cheaper in the short term than getting the whole site pile bored and also niggling in the back of my mind is the fact that the development just along the road not only had to be considerably higher because of the flood risk assessment and also had to pile bored. I think it is a case that when they don’t say what it is that they are up to one is inclined to think the worst.

  3. How close to the cliff base have the lads put their tea break cabin ?

  4. Interesting exchange of emails. Certainly seems to confirm the view that the least hard working of Labour's Northwood councillors has been retained at the expense of another.

    There must be more to this than readily meets the eye, but not being privy to the Thanet Labour inner circle, I can throw no light on the matter.

    Not totally convinced though that it will change anything at the polls, as national issues seem to have more input into how people vote than local. Pity really, because we have to live in Thanet and local matters should take precedence in local elections.

  5. Bill

    Short comment because off thread.

    Mark has allegedly dodged the local issues which could inform national political events.

    Is there a history of direct water abstraction in Northwood Ward. Would this water have a concentrated amount of contamination due to proximity to Sericol and Thor.

    Is there a cause and effect between that and illness/fatalities over the years in Northwood.

    And why does Thor seem to have a charmed life escaping inquiry and court action when such inquiry might inform their alleged role in the bogus case made that Saddam had WMD.

    Thanet may be a small pool but its local political issues can carry the ripples a long way at times.

  6. Retired, perhaps you should write to the senior medical officer for the south east PCT and the Northwood councillors. If there really is an above average unexplained death rate in Northwood it is the proper authorities, and not us handful of bloggers, that need to know about it.

  7. Bloggers do need to be told what is going on as the press fails to tell you.

    Without Michael on blog publishing the results of my FOI application then Thanet would still be in the dark about the massive cyclohexanone contamination of aquifer by Sericol. They would be in the dark abouyt the mercury and mixed solvents contamination by Thor. They would be unaware that youth groups like Kent Adventure Training Corps (Offering unauthorized military cadet training) lost KCC Youth Affiliation status in 2003.

    Unfortunately, IMO, in Thanet our most skilful blogger was far from a personification of the exemplary character in Parable of the Talents.

    His consummate wordsmithing was not directed at the public interest but at ridiculing those trying, albeit with less skill than he possessed, to act in the public interest.

    This was ECR.

    Yet his rag, Private Eye, had not been slow to publish stories like the Cabinet security fiasco involving James SHORTT.

    And I think Tony FLAIG (A victim of ECR's razor wit) made the point that ECR copped money for Private Eye stories.

  8. Sadly, Retired, you just got boring again.


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