Wednesday, 24 August 2011


It is the anniversary of Ramsgate’s worst bombing during WW2 here is the link to the book I produce about it and some sample pages


  1. Well remembered Michael.

    I was today talking about the late Stan Edwards of Margate Boys Club.

    Stan had been a PTI in Desert Rats.

    After very serious illness I moved to Margate in 73 staying at my aunt's Cliftonville hotel. Stan and his wife were taught ballroom dancing by my aunt and uncle. And Stan invited me to train at adult weight training sessions he ran at the Boys club after the yought groups finished of an evening.

    Basically he got my balance back again and built me back up from 8 stones and looking like a Belsen victim.

    When I won the Welsh over forties masters powerlifting title in 92 I said a silent prayer to that son of Margate. For he had held in check osteoporosis from the drug treatments and without him I would, light of hindsight, have ended up in a scaffold in a wheelchair.

    Stan died in 87 and Thanet lost a tall tree. A member of that generation who left their families to defy the bombing, who fought in desert and Europe and emerged victorious. Then not blessed with children the couple dedicated themselves to the service of youth.

    The generation who taught me, via Stan, whatever adversity breaks down you can build it back up.

    It is good to remember their spirit.

  2. are you planning to promote or go to this Michael?

  3. 12.55 I have just done a post promoting it, having young children I won’t get to the event as it is after their bedtime.

    You may whish to ask TDC why they are not promoting this event on their website.


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