Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Plans for Ramsgate Motor Museum Building, Westcliff Hall

Click on the link to view the website


  1. Sounds great, needs some business backing apart from the usual arty groups.

    B K

  2. If TDC stand to one side and let the others get on with it, it could work. Good luck to them.

  3. Very clear from the post card the local authority cared for and looked after the community - unlike today, when they care more for their developer friends?

  4. I have recently been helping my 7 year old son do a school project on Ramsgate and its history. From the photos and information that we have found I think that it is a very sad state of affairs the disrepair that Ramsgate has fallen into. I appreciate the current economic climate has massively influenced the current look of this once thriving town. It is a relief and a joy to know that there are people trying to restore Ramsgate to its former glory, (whilst adding a modern twist.) I only wish there were more renovation projects like this in place. The pictures I have seen of this building when it was first opened as a concert hall look truly amazing, especially in contrast to the current appearance. The building itself is amazing and the gardens have huge potential. I hope with all my heart that your project is successful and that work is undertaken soon before this building rots any more. Lets hope that the necessary officials in Ramsgate are giving you their full co-operation and support. All the best with this project.

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