Friday, 5 August 2011

Broadstairs Folk Week starts today, Margate Carnival on Sunday.

Here is their website and a few pictures I took at last year’s event at

The council have now changed their main website header banner to saying “Why Not Do Something Less Boring Instead, What’s on this summer” (This was accompanied by a picture of young people at some time in the distant past, when did people wear huge sunglasses and headphones? 1970 perhaps) this all made me very tempted to leave their website immediately, but I pursued the matter and clicked on it anyway.

This isn’t what you would expect a link to the Folk Week site but is there for the benefit of those local teenagers using the council’s website.

The following events are listed on the council’s homepage:
St. Laurence Fair
St. Laurence Churchyard Tour (September)
How To Be Good: Storytelling in Victorian Narrative Painting.
St. Laurence Churchyard Tour (October)
Murder, Sex, and Mayhem in English Churches.
Leonardo da Vinci at the Court of Milan.
Wonder Workers and the Art of Illusion.
The Book of Kells
Thanet Gang Show 2012

Only one of them is this month.

Margate Carnival is on Sunday and they are having a Soul Weekend starting tomorrow, here is the website

No mention of this on the council’s website either, as I complained about this to the council last year, perhaps someone else would like to have a go this year.

When all of the nonsense has been said by the councillors and the council officers, a lot of people check out local council websites to find out what is on in an area. I think this is mainly because the internet is overrun with commercial sites, trying to direct people to places where they will spend there money and that people expect council’s to be unbiased.

The visit Thanet Website is very difficult to navigate and is part of a great visit network of websites like Visit Kent where you arrive at a homepage with two links called “Go” on it , both taking you to different places, not an encouraging start.

All you can say about the Visit Kent website is it helps considerably if you know that an event is on before you start looking for it.

Searching events for 6th August for 2 days only brought up one event, that is for the whole of Kent for this weekend. See screenshot. 


  1. sad to see the Monster Bass Festival is cancelled :(

  2. 15.16 I am awaiting a press release from Ramsgate Town Council and will cover this tomorrow in detail, sorry you are all having to suffer my refusal to publish the press release blog while I am waiting further responses from TDC.

  3. Michael all the websites are poor and the people being paid to look after them dont care

  4. Don when it comes to TDCIT the sites that TDC contract out some are incredibly bad, I think it is a case of once the initial agreement has been made, they just go on paying out the money.

    It is I suppose our money and not theirs, so why should they care?

  5. What has happened to all the harbour events, i seem to remember ships open days, race of the classics, ships like the Endeavour and grand turk bringing hordes flocking to the town, and the power boat racing with all the fun of the fair and bands in pier yard, Nothing seems to be on any more ?

  6. Went to Visit Kent and searched the date and it came up with 883 events. Pages 2 and 3 had loads of events listed for the weekend.

    Again I cannot see a problem...

  7. PS - large 70s headphones are all the rage a the moment !

  8. 00.30 I got 58 this morning screenshot added

  9. Just tried visit kent after a few attempts found attractions link typed in margate came up with amongst other things ROC DOC an event that was 27th march 2011. The site is not good

  10. The Margate Carnival website was awful. Annoying music, and very hard to read the scant information against the brightly coloured backdrop. No maps, no travel/parking info, no parade route. I see this again and again with events in Thanet.


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