Saturday, 27 August 2011

Thanet District Council’s Website Blinks

One of the most confusing aspects of the council’s website homepage is the section called “Events” the main aspect of this is that it virtually never shows any major events. This combined with the council’s homepage being tagged with “Whats On” is I think the single most damaging thing on the internet to Thanet tourism.

Obviously a proportion of the people who look on the internet to find out what’s on in Thanet arrive at the council’s website homepage, look at the list of events, see that there isn’t much on and go somewhere else.

Because of all this I was quite surprised to see the Blink event appear in this list yesterday, as you see from the picture TDC were even feeding this, although who apart from them would use their events feed is a bit a of mystery.

The events list on the council’s homepage and the feed it relies on has an interesting fault that only the council could achieve and maintain at our expense and that is events listed there vanish at the beginning of the day the event is actually on.    


  1. It's Margate,surprise surprise, nothing about Ramsgate's Summer Squall.

  2. We try our best to promote events in Thanet on 107.8 Academy FM.
    The information given on websites and facebook pages for the actual events is often very poor.
    Badly laid out, hard to find(and read sometimes), and often lacking basic information.
    Events should be promoted as if the person had never visited the area - locations, maps, public transport, parking, essential services, useful links, phone numbers etc.
    All the tools are there, help us to help you promote your event.
    Andy Smith (Academy FM)

    You can also listen online via the website at...


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