Saturday, 24 September 2011

Despicable business at the Turner Contemporary Margate

I am afraid to say that the unhealthy side of contemporary art has reared its ugly head in Margate, contemporary artist Andy Warhol appeared to be handing something wrapped in silver paper to Margate schoolboy Joe Turner and it appears that money changed hands.
Fortunately I had my brush handy so sketched the miscreants, this is the second such incident witnessed in Thanet in two days see

Both Andy and Joe are exhibiting paintings at The Turner Contemporary’s exhibition “Nothing in the World But youth” which is on at the moment, see although both of them have produced exceptionally good exhibits, it is such a shame when gifted young people behave in this way.   


  1. Looks like the same guy who hangs around the toilets at Ramsgate Railway Station.

  2. And, according to Thanet Life, in the Beano Cafe, Westgate.

  3. How can you describe Andy Warhol as young and gifted? He's old enough to be my dad, and I'm a grandfather.

  4. You are aware that Andy Warhol died in 1987 aged 58, aren't you anon...

  5. Perhaps Tony there may be room for a history of cottaging in Thanet, I have already done one about the railways in Ramsgate.

    Tom the Beano Café sounds well dodgy to me, possibly his name is Gnasher.

    21.55 the exhibition is about Art and Youth, either because the artist was young when he produced the exhibit, Joe was eleven when he painted the four watercolours of Thanet – although the label in the gallery says he was nine – I am afraid that he would be 236 now if he hadn’t died in his mistress’s house in 1851, mumbling something about the sun being god.

    Peter, and I thought he had only taken a big nap.

  6. I too was wondering if you named the guy you saw "Andy Warhol" because of some physical similarities, or are you pretending to go back in time - it was all pretty confusing cos you didn't really hint at which it was! ;)


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