Tuesday, 27 March 2012

A few Ramsgate pictures and a bit of a ramble

I thought it was about time to have a bit of a diversion the ludicrous business over council secrecy regarding the rescheduling of a major development, as though this wasn’t an ongoing ten year disaster that is highly visible to everyone in Thanet, is just frankly depressing.

I have had the old digital slr camera problem of bits on the image sensor, some of these can be more akin to bugs on a windscreen than the odd bit of dust you would expect, anyway a new cleaning kit arrived this morning and I hope to sort the problem out, again.

I think the cabinet are supposed to be discussing something to do with getting Ramsgate Maritime Museum open for Easter as well, but there is nothing at all on the agenda about that.

I think part the problem at the council is that the Dreamland public enquiry is being handled by the same people who are supposed to sort out the problems with Royal Sands and maritime museum, so it is a case of everything happening at once.

I noticed from my webstats that Windows 7 has overtaken XP as the most popular computer operating system, do appreciate that if you are considering this option it is possible to download a trial version of 7 that lasts for 90 days before buying a licensed version.

My first experience with windows 7 was when I put the evaluation version on my netbook because I couldn’t get on with the Linux that it came with and it is an improvement on XP in some ways.

The thing I most miss on XP is the image resizer which allows you to resize all of the images in a folder with one click, there are versions of this that are supposed to work on 7 but I haven’t found one where all of the images will publish online without corruption difficulties.

The netbook has now got a newer version of Linux installed on it and for the first time I can honestly say I have a free operating system that is at least as good as Windows. Ubuntu - Linux for Human Beings!

You are using Ubuntu 10.04 LTS - the Lucid Lynx - released in April 2010 and supported until April 2013.

If you run a business like I do it is even more important to have all your software licensed and legal, so with numerous computers it is the cost as much as ability that restricts what I use.

With the android tablet and internet phone operating system I can see that there is likely to be a movement to free operating systems with low cost or free apps.

Windows 8 seems to mostly aimed at tablets and touch screen so it will be interesting to see where this all goes. 

Just heard the news about The Marlowe Academy which I posted about before, see http://thanetonline.blogspot.co.uk/2012/01/marlowe-academy-in-trouble-again.html it is an interesting reflection on the way news breaks, I first heard about this sometime towards the end of last year when one of the local teachers told me. I didn’t post it though as he asked me not to, the next I heard was in January when Guardian published the news, so I did the blog post and now the BBC and official publication of the figures have caught up. The same thing happened with the two recent airport stories and makes it a bit difficult to know what sort of level to take with this blog.

There were some men in suits examining the Pleasurama site yesterday morning, I asked them if there was any progress and they were just rude to me, which isn’t an encouraging sign. Perhaps they were prospective investors, perhaps they were bailiffs they wouldn’t say. 

Whatever they were I don’t think they were from the, promote the Royal Sands publicity department.

I also went and had another look at the Turner exhibition, but couldn’t quite seem to get the inspiration that visiting the gallery usually engenders.  

Funny thing art a bit of positive or negative criticism and very often the inspiration seems to go.

Sorry I am rambling on about the pictures here and I haven’t put the links to them up, I suppose I am a bit ashamed of all the bits on the camera sensor, here are the links.


Well I managed to get the camera fairly clean, which is much a process of trial and error than anything else, so the next lot of pictures shouldn’t look like you are sitting in a car where the windscreen needs a wipe. 

I will ramble on here depending how the day goes and put up the pictures eventually I expect.   


  1. I heard it on good authority today that a lease on the Maritime Museum has been signed.

    If you are looking for another good Linux OS you could try Mandriva 2011, downloadable for free and very similar to Windows but with some interesting features and touch screen abliity.

    1. Signed yesterday Ken so something I don’t have to bother about

    2. Ken I have just checked and the lease hasn’t been signed yet due to some technicalities, everything appears to still be working towards opening at Easter but time is running out.

    3. I think time ran out for tdc a long time ago.

  2. Michael, then man on the Pleasurama site who was rude to you, was he by any chance a Mr Anon E Mouse?

    1. Very likely John, I would guess that they don’t like me that much, but frankly after ten years we need some sort of resolution to the problems with this site. The underlying problem is one of not making any allowances for the special problems the site poses, if you think of all of the desirable sites between the cliff and the sea that are undeveloped in terms of residential, pondering a moment to wonder why is enough get an inkling of what the problem is.

  3. Michael, I like your misty pictures of the Harbour at low tide.

    1. Ah John afraid this a case of trying to be artistic with the camera, it will be the tripod next if I don’t watch my step


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